Signs You Are Suffering From Iron Deficiency


Iron is a mineral found in every cell and organ of the body. Hence, a lack of it can cause severe complication. About 9 percent of the population in every country suffer from iron deficiency. It is a condition that occurs when the body fails to have enough iron for its smooth functioning. So what is the importance of iron and how do you watch out if you are suffering from iron deficiency? Read on to know more.

Suffering From Iron Deficiency

Signs and Symptoms You Are Suffering From Iron Deficiency

Iron is a critical mineral that produces hemoglobin, which is, in turn, delivers oxygen to all part of the body with the help of red blood cells. So if you are lacking it, how do you find out? Check out the following signs that indicate you are suffering from iron deficiency.

1} Fatigue and Exhaustion

Iron is used to make hemoglobin which in turn transports oxygen through red blood cells. When the body doesn’t have sufficient healthy blood cells, it tends to feel exhausted. The most common sign that you are suffering from a lack of iron is exhaustion and fatigue. Yet, it can be the most misleading factor, as there are several reasons that can cause fatigue and exhaustion. If fatigue is coupled with lack of concentration, weakness, and irritability then you may be having an iron deficiency.

2} Abnormally Pale Skin

Looking paler than usual? A washed out and dull appearance can be a cause of worry as you may be suffering from an iron deficiency. Reduced number of blood cells cause the lesser flow of blood to the skin making it look pale and dull.

3} Heavy Periods

Majority of the women suffer from some sort of iron deficiency. One of the warning symptoms of iron deficiency in women is very heavy periods. If women are changing sanitary pads or tampons every 2 hours, then they are surely suffering from iron deficiency.

4} Lack of Concentration

People often tend to link lack of concentration and difficulty in focussing to mood swings. But there is another reason for it. Without enough iron in the body, the synthesis if neurotransmitters are greatly altered. Due to this, there is a reduced functionality of the brain causing difficulty in focusing and concentration.

5} Hair Loss

Hair loss can be due to many factors and one such major cause is due to iron deficiency. Iron is needed for the synthesis of protein as it carries oxygen to the hair follicles. Those suffering from iron deficiency or anemia don’t have enough oxygen reaching their hair follicles. Due to this the body switched to a survival mode and allows oxygen to go to the most required parts of the body. Hence the hair follicles get neglected and they eventually fall out.

6} Brittle Nails

Brittle nails are usually linked to lack of protein, but it is the other way around. One of the biggest symptoms of iron deficiency is brittle nails. People suffering from iron deficiency also have spoon-shaped or concave nails.

Iron requirements for each individual are based on gender, lifestyle, and age. Hence it extremely important to talk to your doctor to understand your iron requirements. Watch out for these warning signs before it is too late.