Unknown Facts of “The Haunting of Hill House”


Netflix is emerging as the most popular online streaming app today. Many Android users prefer downloading this app on their devices for watching their favorite movies and TV shows. However, it is a paid app but in terms of entertainment, it beats all online streaming apps.

With the start of Halloween week, Netflix brought a good horror dramaThe Haunting of Hill House”. It is a real horror movie which brings fear in you. Amazing storyline and performance of actors, this is one of the best horror series of the year 2018. Let us study the plot of the story and the facts of this TV show which you may not know.

The plot of the story

This TV show is the story about Crain family who stays at a haunted house. This house is located somewhere in the woods. After staying for some days, the family members start to experience paranormal activities. From certain facts, they come to know that the house is haunted by demons.

The Hill House was where the Hill family originally stayed. However, there is not detailed story shown about them in the TV series. Later, a woman died due to some illness in that house. A couple namely Poppy and William Hill who were lovers also died in the Hill house.

The story revolves around 5 siblings namely Steven, Theodora, Shirley, Nell and Luke who are twins. Each one fights against a ghost in that house. It becomes difficult for the family to spend days in this house due to continuous terror and fear of demons and ghosts.

The family members go through various health conditions while staying at the house. Olivia commits suicide and Huge does not disclose the reason for her suicide to the kids. Meanwhile, Nell also commits suicide by returning to the Hill house.

After many attempts, the family members finally get to know that the only way to stay peacefully is to fight against the ghosts and demons present in the house. This TV show justifies the meaning of best horror series with scary makeups, horrifying concept and darkest places.

The story just holds you until the end. All the truths are slowly revealed one by one and you will be more interested to know each one of them. It actually teaches to face all the problems together. You should share all your sorrows with your family members which may take out of bad conditions.

  1. Not only work of Mike Flanagan

The storyline of this TV show is written by Mike Flanagan. He is also the director of The Haunting of Hill House. Apart from this, he is also the director of some of the best TV shows such as “Gerald’s Game”, “Hush”, “Oculus” and “Before I Wake”. These shows were the best horror series and received acclamation from the people. His next horror movies about to come are “Doctor Sleep” which is continuing part of “The Shining”. This TV show is also the best work by him which will just thrill you with a superior level of scary scenes.

  1. Shot like a movie

The director Mike Flanagan revealed that it was thoroughly a tiring experience to shoot this good horror drama. It is because the crew shot this TV show just like a film. Generally, the shooting of the TV series takes place episode by episode. But this show didn’t take much time to be shot. Three episodes were shot at a time and it took lesser time to shoot the movie. Mike stated that shooting for The Haunting of Hill House gave an experience of shooting 5 movies continuously.

  1. Elizabeth Reaser used to watch scary videos od dead bodies

Elizabeth Reaser plays the role of grown-up Shirley Crain. She is a mortician in the TV show. To get excellent in her role, she used to watch the videos of dead bodies. Apart from that, Elizabeth Reaser revealed in one of the interviews that she used to see the pictures of dead people which will prepare her better for her role in the TV series. She said she had worked with one of the morticians in Georgia. From that, she got better ideas to play her role.

  1. The story is from a novel of the year 1953

Shirley Jackson is famous for writing the stories of the horror genre. She has also penned down many mystery dramas. The TV show The Haunting of Hill House is one of her best horror works. According to Stephen King, this TV show is one of the most popular novels of the 12th century. The show has many repeated phrases used until the end. One of the main scenes in the TV show when Steven Crain reads the novel is taken from Shirley Jackson’s novel. But still, there are many changes in this TV show from the original novel for which you have to watch this good horror drama.

  1. The script was for the film earlier

Nelson Gidding, a screenwriter wrote a script for the movie “The Haunting”. It starred Claire Bloom and Julie Harris in lead roles. Robert Wise was the director of this movie. Nelson took the script from Shirley Jackson’s novel. Somewhere in the 1990s, Stephen King pitched the movie “Rose Red” to Steven Spielberg which was a remake. Both Stephen and Spielberg argued a lot for the scenes in the movie. They then agreed to stop the project for a while. Later, the producer Mark Carliner created a miniseries by the name “Rose Red” in the year 2002.

  1. Based on real incidents

The story of this TV show is taken from real incidents. Oliver Jackson-Cohen who plays the role of grown-up Luke said in an interview that the cast and crew of the movie literally had talked about ghosts. They also talked about the tall people and people who have bent necks. The cast was really shocked to know the horrifying incidents which took place in the life of Crain family members. It was a terrible fact to know that these haunting experiences destroyed the lives of kids in the family too.

  1. Hidden ghosts in the TV show

Not everyone could figure out but it is there. The Haunting of Hill House has many hidden ghosts in the background of the scenes. Mike Flanagan stated in one of his interviews that they have hidden some ghosts beneath the piano or behind curtains or at a door. Most of the show’s fans could not see the ghosts in the TV series. But when they came to know of this fact, they again watched The Haunting of Hill House just to see those hidden ghosts in the background of every scene.

  1. Not Crain family again

When asked in an interview, Mike Flanagan stated he is not sure for the second season of the Haunting of Hill House. He further added that if the second season will arrive, the storyline and the characters would be all different from the earlier one. The second part of this good horror drama will no longer be the same characters. Mike adds that he loves the concept of the anthology and would like to add a new haunted story with new characters every season. He stated that he will come with a new and more horrifying season this time.

  1. Many scenes were deleted from the show

Initially, the director Mike Flanagan decided to show many stories of the residents who used to stay in Hill house earlier. But then, many scenes were deleted. He stated in one of the interviews that they were planning to show the full history of Hill House in the show. Some of the scenes are taken from Shirley Jackson’s novel. He also added that due to insufficient time and funds, the crew could not shoot more scenes in the TV show. Anyhow, Mike managed to show the history of Crain family in the TV show.

  1. Happy ending

At first, Mike decided to show a scary end. But then he decided to show a happy ending. In the end, the family members came out of the bad and haunted experiences. Once again, they got a hope back. Putting a positive ending in the TV show makes it better and people will like it too. Mike further stated that before the shooting, he felt guilty for putting a cruel end. After shooting 10 hours on this good horror drama, Mike finally ended the film with hope and positivity.

Wrapping up

These are real facts about The Haunting of Hill House which is one of the best horror series on Netflix. Mike Flanagan gave his best in the show to create horrifying effects.

The shooting locations, make up of actors, acting, dialogues from the novel and other factors make this show a good horror drama. To enjoy the TV show until the end, you need to watch all the episodes.