Introduction of Time Management Tools by Facebook and Instagram


Facebook is constantly bringing some new features each day for the comfort of the users. It is now the time when Facebook and Instagram are coming with time management tools for children and adults.

Time Management Tools by Facebook and Instagram
Time Management Tools by Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are the 2 most popular social media platforms on which the people spend time with. Whether it is a school, office, college or at any public place, people use these 2 apps quite often. Sometimes, the time spent on accessing these platforms exceeds the limit.

To keep a track of total time spent on Facebook and Instagram, the apps have now come with time management tools. With the help of these tools, you can know how much time you actually spent on these sites.

Nowadays, you will see that not only the youngsters but also the children access Facebook and share the live status, upload images and do various other things.

The objective of the time management tools

One of the latest tools helps the Facebook users to limit notifications. There is also a dashboard which shows the users the actual time they spent on their respective accounts.

The main aim of the developers for the introduction of these time management tools is to control the time of the users on social media platforms. The developers are conveying a message to the parents through these tools that they should check what their children actually do on Facebook and Instagram.

Time Management Tools by Facebook and Instagram
Time Management Tools by Facebook and Instagram

With time management tools, the children will get an idea what are the good habits to use Facebook tothe limit. This tool will work after you set a particular time limit for accessing the site. If you cross the time limit, it will soon prompt you.

You can now deactivate notification from your Android and iOS phones. This is one of the biggest advantages while working or studying in college.

A year back, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced some major changes to Facebook. His efforts are to make Facebook more a useful app rather than a chatting or socializing tool. Through Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg wants to perform good activities for people as well as society.

The idea of time management tools

The Facebook team revealed in the media that the idea of time management tools is by top-notch mental health experts and organizations. 

They wanted the people to make the right use of Facebook rather than just for posting images or reading newsfeed.

How to access the tools in Facebook?

The steps to access these tools are basically the same. Now, see the below steps:

  • The first step is to go to the Settings option of any app.
  • Then on Facebook, click on “Your Time on Facebook” while onInstagram, click on “Your Activity”. Option.
  • You will get a dashboard which shows the average time for the app on the device.
  • The next step is to click on any bar for seeing the total time for that day.
  • You can set a daily reminder below the dashboard for an alert.
  • There is also the option of Mute Push Notifications by which you can limit notifications for some time.
Time Management Tools by Facebook and Instagram
Time Management Tools by Facebook and Instagram

Facebook team shares that it is not important the amount of time spent on Facebook and Instagram but how the time spent. They want to create a kind and cooperative society via these tools.