Is Titanium Dioxide Safe to Consume?


Are you a coffee addict? Love chewing gums or eating vanilla ice creams?  Then there’s a good chance you’ve been eating Titanium Dioxide. Shocking, right? You might have already heard that Titanium Dioxide is mostly used in paints, sunscreen lotions, and plastics. But now, studies have shown that Titanium Dioxide is mostly added as an additive in almost all foods to make it look brighter, glossier and to add a smooth texture of some products like baked cake, ice creams, chocolate, and doughnuts etc.

Titanium Dioxide

When it comes to “Is Titanium Dioxide Safe to Consume”, many of us start surfing online to reveal the answer. But unfortunately, there is not a lot of information available regarding the risks associated with the consumption of this. However, the FDA (Foods and Drugs Administration) recognized Titanium oxide as the safe to consume supplement. But we didn’t neglect this synthetic chemical addition in our food products. One study found that oral consumption of Titanium oxide contributed to gut inflammation and bowel diseases.

Without understanding this health issue, food manufacturers are using up to 1% of Titanium Dioxide without mentioning it in the ingredients list or by mentioning using the hidden term “Natural Color” or “Coloring Agent”. Children are highly exposed to more Titanium Dioxide than adults, as their daily diet consists of more candies, sweets, and gum.

Thus, the best way to avoid the consumption of Titanium Dioxide is to consume more whole foods and to choose organic whenever possible. And when it comes to choosing cosmetics or health supplements, always make sure to read the ingredients list mentioned on the label or else consult your healthcare provider before you start consuming it!