Twitter Suspended 58 Million Accounts In Last 3 Months In 2017


Your Twitter Account Suspended?

Hello Guys, How are you doing? We are back with another big News, which is coming from the microblogging site Twitter. We all know that Twitter is the World’s largest and widely used microblogging site. Twitter is the site which is used by Government, Celebrities as well as common people. In other ways, it is the most common interface between Common Folks and VIPs.

Twitter News

Let’s start with the news. Twitter has suspended more than 58 Million accounts in the last 3 months of 2017. i.e. between October to December 2017. Twitter has blocked these accounts after found suspicious activities on it. The accounts were mainly used for social media promotions. The suspended account is originated from Twitter’s “Firehouse” a data stream software that is used by Companies, Firms, academics that are willing to pay for it. Previously, In the month of May and June Twitter has suspended 70 Million suspicious accounts. It is all because Twitter is lagging behind in the war of Social media to rivals like Facebook and Instagram. The user growth of Facebook and Instagram is more than Twitter. No doubt, these steps of suspending suspicious account will be beneficial for Twitter. Now the User’s have more trust on Twitter. With this step of twitter, they want to show the improvement of information quality. Twitter is suspending suspicious account to stop fake accounts, disinformation, bots, malicious activity. This type of account suspension activity is activated by Twitter and other social sites since 2016 during a Russian firm found some suspicious activity on it.

Twitter suspended accounts

After 2016, Twitter has started to keep in mind and start to suspend accounts. Twitter has suspended 15 Million accounts in last October. After 2 months. again Twitter has suspended 25 Million accounts.

At last, we are hoping that Twitter will soon get a growth as per their expectations and again back in the market. Thanks for reading this article we will soon back with other talks soon. Till that Bye Bye !!

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