X1 Ultrawatch-Z Review – #1 Tactical Smartwatch?


Technology has given us many smart devices. Until now, we were relying on our smartphones and tablets for the majority of the tasks. Be it setting an alarm or making a work schedule, smartphones do each work in a better way. It is now time to evolve and use some latest devices. We are talking about smartwatches. They have recently developed in different parts of the globe. They are capable of doing every task which your smartphones can do.

X1 Ultrawatch-ZULTRAWATCH-Z is one of the best products you should use today. It is nothing but a smartwatch for working people and professionals. Let us know more about the watch.


This smartwatch has the body of carbon-coating. It is a waterproof smartwatch and can be used in any season and It is made using modern technology for easy use. It has amazing features such as Gorilla glasses for using this smartwatch in the day as well as night.

Gorilla glasses protect the watch from rain, dust, sunlight, and wind. They are not easily breakable and can go for a long period of time. The glasses provide the safeguard to the watch from fire too.

Features of ULTRAWATCH-Z
  • Good Battery

The smartwatch has one of the most powerful batteries. By a single time charging, the battery of X1 ULTRAWATCH Z can work for approximately 33 months. It is easy to carry this portable smartwatch on long trips, trekking, family picnics, and business trips and to any other place. You don’t need to charge it again and again.

  • Waterproof

If you are a swimmer, this smartwatch is very useful for you. It is waterproof and can resist water up to 50 meters in depth. It works even in extreme cold or hot temperatures also, works well even in humid climate.

  • Do Various Activities

You can manage your life very well with this smartwatch. It is easy to send work emails to parties and prepare a work schedule. You can access social media sites. You can make and receive calls and send messages. It helps you to transfer data to other devices with the help of Bluetooth option. You can receive the notifications from Skype and WhatsApp with the help of this smartwatch.

X1 Ultrawatch-Z

  • Track The Physical Activities

You can track various physical activities such as walking, running and jogging. It gives you the number of steps walked and the total distance covered. After doing each activity, you can know the calories burnt. It further shows you the calories burnt. It allows setting the morning alarm and fixing the dates of appointment and meetings. 

  • Health Data

ULTRAWATCH Z also gives you information about nutrition and sleep. It shows you the total number of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients absorbed by your body during the day. It further shows you the number of hours you sleep. This smartwatch provides the rate of heartbeat and the blood pressure level in the body.

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  • Use

This is one of the best smartwatches you can wear in many places. It can be worn while swimming, walking, jogging and running. It is comfortable to wear while riding a cycle, bike or car. You can use this smartwatch while going to the office or exercising at the gym. It is a great device for mountaineers, hikers, and swimmers. Because of good features, it is a must accessory for outdoor sports.

  • Affordable in prices

X1 ULTRAWATCH Z is affordable in prices. At low prices, you get 4th generation Gorilla glass, powerful battery and stainless steel body. The watch works in all the conditions.

  • Compatible with Android and iOS Devices

Be it Samsung, Oppo, Vivo or Apple devices, this smart watch works perfectly with them. You can synchronize the information and other apps so that you can access them from the smart watch anytime and anywhere.

X1 Ultrawatch-Z

Specifications of X1 ULTRAWATCH Z

The specifications of this smart watch are as under:

  • It comes in 3 beautiful shades, Vulcano Red, Carbon Black, and Ocean Blue.
  • It is water and dust proof.
  • The electric shock cannot damage this smartwatch.
  • It comes with alarm and stopwatch both.
Pros of the Product 
  • ULTRAWATCH Z has Gorilla glass which will prevent it from water, dust, pollution, wind, rain, sunlight.
  • The modern technology of the product is designed in such a way that the product does not catch fire or shock.
  • It is reasonable in prices.
  • You may get a discount by ordering the product online from the official website of the company.
  • The shipping if for free of charge.
  • It has a long-running
  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and calorie counter.


  • You may not easily get your favorite shade.
  • The product is normally out of stock.
  • It takes more than 20 hours for the delivery of the product.
  • The discount is only for a limited period of time. 
Reviews of the product

Many customers found ULTRAWATCH Z to be a good product. They got their life organized in a better way with alarm and health tracker. Many people can easily make a time table of their work at home and office. They can know the number of calories burnt and the steps covered after doing physical activities.

This product is also used by many adventure lovers. They state that the lost running battery is the good feature while going for trips or picnics. Many professionals could manage their work with this smart watch.

X1 Ultrawatch-Z

Where to purchase the product from?

If you want high quality and genuine product, you should order it from the official website of the manufacturer. You can get a discount too. The product takes more than 20 days to reach your home.