How to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Phone?


WhatsApp is an app necessary for entertainment as well as work. If you want to use dual Whatsapp Accounts on a single phone, you can follow the below steps for doing that.

First of all, you will need an Android phone with a dual-SIM feature to create two WhatsApp account. There are different steps for using two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on various phones.

Procedure to use dual WhatsApp account on Oppo and Xiaomi Phones

First of all, you have to install WhatsApp account from Google Play Store.

Then go to the option of “Settings” from the home page of the phone.

The third step is to click on the options of “Dual Apps” or “Clone App”.

Then Switch on the toggle to clone WhatsApp.

You should, however, check whether your phone has app cloning or not. App cloning will easily help to get another WhatsApp account on the phone.

Procedure to use two WhatsApp accounts on Vivo Phones

These steps are somewhat similar to that of Oppo and Xiaomi. However, there are some differences in this method.

First of all, visit the option of “Settings” from your phone.

The next step is to search the App Clone and when you find it, just click on it.

The third step is to turn on the switch for enabling the option of “Display the Clone button”.

The next step is to install WhatsApp from Google Play Store.

The last thing you need to do is to click on the symbol + for cloning WhatsApp on the phone.

This way, you can use dual WhatsApp accounts on your Vivo phones.

How to set up dual WhatsApp accounts on other Android phones?

Follow the below steps to set up dual WhatsApp accounts on the phones.

The first step is to open the second WhatsApp account.

Then click on the option of Agree and Continue.

The third step is to grant the files and contacts access to the second copy of WhatsApp and then click Continue option. Then follow the different and click on Not now option.

The fourth step is the verification of phone number. For that, you should have a second phone number.

Then click on the option of “Next” and confirm the phone number by clicking on the OK option.

You will then get a verification code on your number. You can also click on Call option to get a verification call.

This way, you can access WhatsApp account from both the numbers.

Procedure to clone WhatsApp account without app cloning

If the phone does not have app cloning, you can try other methods. You can download the app Parallel Space on your mobile. Follow the below steps:

The first step is to install Parallel Space from the Google Play Store.

Then move to Clone Apps page.

The next step is to clone the WhatsApp account and then click on the option of Add to Parallel Space.

You will then land to the app where the app runs in virtual install on the phone.

Finally, set up a WhatsApp account in the same way as you set up the first WhatsApp account.

Now, it is easy to use dual WhatsApp accounts from one phone. Parallel Space app does not have any charge. However, it has some ads which you can remove using subscription.

How to use dual WhatsApp account on iOS devices?

You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone for installation of dualWhatsApp accounts. Follow the below steps to get two WhatsApp accounts on iPhone:

  • First of all, open the App Store and download the original version of WhatsApp.
  • The next step is to open Safari and visit the site
  • Then click on “WhatsApp 2” and further, click on the green button to download on your device.
  • The next step is to tap on the option of “Install”.
  • Then click on Settings and go to General option.
  • Further, click on “Profile” and enable the option of “Trust VNE Software”.
  • Lastly, launch the app on your phone.


These are the methods you can use on Oppo, Vivo or any other Android phone for using dual WhatsApp accounts by cloning the apps.