New Feature of WhatsApp Live for Android and iOS Users


Android and iOS users have plenty of options on PlayStore and App Store for the free messaging facility. There are endless free messaging apps available today by which you can connect with your close ones.

Latest Feature of WhatsApp
Latest Feature of WhatsApp

However, WhatsApp remains the best free messaging app ever. Various changes have been made in this app from last few months. You can share images, GIFs, videos and text messages via WhatsApp.

After much deliberation, WhatsApp got a new feature of group calls for live voice call and video. This feature was to be introduced some time back but due to some issues, it got delayed. Now, the developers decided to unveil this latest feature of WhatsApp for the Android and iOS users.

Features of WhatsApp live voice call

  • You can call any friend or relatives staying miles of away from you.
  • This feature also has live video facility through which you can talk face-to-face with your best buddies.
  • It has an amazing advantage of making group video calls.
  • The app has an interlinked video calling interface. It means you can add one contact at a time.
  • When you make a group video call, the screen of your smart devices will show all the participants.
  • For Android users, there is a special feature by which they can add non-Beta users. Non-Beta users can chat on WhatsApp live only if they get an invitation from other participants.
  • The feature is very simple to use for single chat or group chat.
  • It is also a good feature for businessmen and employees of the company.
  • You can share an urgent message to your known ones with the help of this feature.
  • It is available for free of cost.
  • The feature runs smoothly on Android version 2.18.145 and iOS version 2.18.52.
  • You can involve in a group chat from any part of the world without any difficulty.
  • The feature works on 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi or any other network.
  • A beautiful and hassle-free feature to connect with your friends and family members.

In addition to this, the feature provides the facility of end-to-end encryption. This means your chat will remain private from the outside sources. You can even add numerous participants for video calling from the right-side of the screen.

Before using the feature of a live video call, it is necessary to update the older version of WhatsApp. You can share the live updates and events going around you with your friends.

How to make group calls using WhatsApp live feature?
  • For group call, first, you have to begin a video call with one of the friends on your contact list.
  • As soon as do this, you will get a notification on the top-right side of the screen.
  • You can then add numerous participants on your call list.
  • As the call connects, there is an icon stating Add person on the right side.
  • If the 3rd participant picks up the call, you can see the names of both 2nd and 2nd participant on the device’s
  • You can add up to 3 contacts for a group call of 4 participants.
Latest Feature of WhatsApp
Latest Feature of WhatsApp

There are more than a billion WhatsApp users all over the globe. This big news really amazed them and finally, there is a better way of communication.

So now, you have a live video facility on WhatsApp, it is really a moment of joy. You can chat with your best buddies for many hours on WhatsApp live video call feature. It is truly a hassle-free feature for Android and iOS users.