Does X1 AirZen Ultrasonic Diffuser Work Well In Your House To Remove Pollutants And Germs?


Pollutants and germs are present everywhere inside and outside the house. They pollute the atmosphere and cause respiratory problems such as asthma and shortness of breath. To remove the pollutants and allergens, we normally use humidifier or ionizer. But they can remove only 80 to 85% pollutants from the house.

X1 AirZen Ultrasonic Diffuser is the latest device to control the quality of air inside your home. It purifies as well as spreads aroma in the home for healthy living.

How Does It Work?

This tool contains 3 filters which are sponge filter, HEPA and carbon filter. It first kills bacteria, germs, viruses, pollutants and allergens inside the house. Then it purifies the air by eliminating bad odors from the home or office.


Carbon filtration of X1 AirZen Ultrasonic Diffuser helps in removing airborne pollutants. The filter works between 3 to 6 months depending on the number of pollutants in your home. Furthermore, this ionizer has a separate place to put essential oils for a pleasant inner atmosphere.

Features of AirZen Device

  • Multifunctional Tool

AirZen is purifier, humidifier, ionizer, aroma diffuser, and air quality improver. In one tool, you can get all these functions. It can purify the air by removing harmful particles from the house. Further, it diffuses the aroma of essential oils in the house for mental peace and relaxation.

  • Small in Size

Due to a tiny size, AirZen tool can be placed at home, office or playroom. It can purify the air up to a long range. You can carry it in any bag while going on trips and business tours. Apart from that, you can place it on a small desk or table while working on PCs and laptops.

  • Makes no Noise

Many air purifiers make noise which disturbs your sleep at night. X1 AirZen Ultrasonic Diffuser does not make noise and works silently throughout the day. You won’t get disturbance while sleeping at night, working or reading books in your rooms.

  • A Place for Essential Oils

This device comes with a separate place for essential oils. You can put oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, orange, lemongrass, and others. AirZen spreads the beautiful aroma in every corner of the house and offices thereby making the environment more interesting and motivating.

  • Reduces the Chances of Respiratory Diseases

Impure air causes diseases such as asthma, influenza, allergies, and others. This device may purify the air in your house and office. Further, it makes your mind more powerful by creating a positive environment.

  • Compatible with Smartphones

You can control the settings of X1 AirZen Ultrasonic Diffuser with the help of an app on smartphones. You can check the air quality and change other functions as per your need with your mobile phones.


  1. I am Tony from San Francisco. Earlier, I used to suffer from minor respiratory diseases such as influenza and allergies. It was due to poor quality air of my house. Then I came to know about AirZen device and placed it in my house. It purifies as well as diffuses aroma of essential oils in the house. Each day, I breathe fresh and clean air. 
  1. I am Sam and run the business of electronics. My office is near to a construction site due to which the quality of air inside the office degrades. I purchased the X1 AirZen Ultrasonic Diffuser tool for my office. I check the air quality daily on my mobile phone and it is good each day.

Reviews of the Customers

Many customers got positive results after using AirZen device in their homes and offices. They say that it gives an amazing feeling with beautiful aroma in the whole house. Some people say that they can work more effectively with a better quality of air inside the offices. Few customers also got relief from several respiratory diseases.

Where to Buy this Product from?

X1 AirZen Ultrasonic Diffuser tool is available only on the official website and not in the local shop. You have to fill up the form, choose the deal and then make the payment using cash mode or card method. The product will reach at your doorsteps within 4 to 5 business days.

With X1 AirZen Ultrasonic Diffuser device, you will enjoy living in a healthier and more beautiful environment.