X1 EzClean Magic Fur and Lint Brush- Review, Price, Usage


Pets and kids make the house beautiful and dirty at the same time. Dogs and cats are our lovely friends but we also have to remove pet hair from the house every now and then. Pet allergens are very dangerous for skin and health. They can cause skin allergies such as burning sensation, itching, redness, and irritation. Besides that, pet hair can cause problems in breathing. Normal cleaning can give only part of good results.

To get relief from pet hair and dust, you can choose X1 EzClean  Magic Fur and Lint Brush. It is one of the best cleaners you can use in homes to remove dust, pollutants and pet hair.

What Does It Contain?

The materials used in the making of this brush are of premium quality. They may not cause skin allergies or negative side effects in the body. Besides that, X1 EzClean brush is safe to use on furniture, sofas, and chairs.

X1 EzClean

Further, this brush is designed by an expert team after testing all the materials in the labs. After approving the materials, the expert team uses them in the making of this product. Additionally, this brush works on any kind of surface without difficulty.

Benefits of X1 EzClean Brush

  • Removes Pet Hair Effectively

This cleaner comes with a self-cleaning base which may help in removing pet hair from beds, couches, curtains and sofa sets. Besides that, it has lint brush on both the sides which speed up the process of collecting pet fur and hair. It will save your time and efforts in cleaning the house. You can get a clean and tidy house within a few hours.

  • Hassle-free Operation

It is very simple to use X1 EzClean lint brush to remove pet hair. You have to just place it on the surface which has pet hair and apply some force to pull the pet the hair from the surface in the direction of the arrow on the brush. There is no need to charge the battery or do refills to use this brush.

  • Travel-Friendly

You can use X1 EzClean Tint brush in your cars or other vehicles to remove pet fur and hair. It can be put in any handbag or glove compartment of the car due to its small size. When you are traveling to long distances with your furry friend in the car, this tool is a must to carry. It will give you a clean and neat car free from pet hair.

  • Self-Cleaning Base

Ordinary cleaners are difficult to clean with hands. This magical pet hair cleaner comes with a self-cleaning base facility. There is no need to touch the lint brush. You have to only dip this machine into the self-cleaning base and the mess will be removed instantly. There is a tray where the fur is collected and you can dispose of the fur in the dust bin.

  • Removes Everything

The X1 EzClean magic cleaner is capable of picking various particles such as pet hair, fur, bunny hordes, dust, lint, and other articles. Besides that, it works on all surfaces such as sofa sets, wooden furniture, tables, and chairs.

How to Use This Cleaner?

There are simple steps to use this cleaner. You have to first place X1 EzClean magic cleaner on the surface which contains pet fur. Then put a little force on it and pressing it firmly, you have to move it in the direction of the arrow shown on the brush itself.

Reviews of the Customers

Many people ordered X1 EzClean fur cleaner from the official site and used it. They say that it works on pet beds, couches, curtains, sofas, furniture, and other surfaces as well. Some people also carry it in vehicles while going on business trips and family tours. Few customers say that it is easy to use and comfortable tool to remove pet hair and fur.

Where to get the product from?

You can order X1 EzClean brush only from the official site of the company. You have to first fill up the online form, select the package and make the payment. The product will be delivered at your doorsteps within a few business days.

With X1 EzClean pet hair cleaner, you can get relief from pet hair and fur forever.