X1 HdCube Drone Camera- Reviews, Price, Specification, Features


X1 HdCube DroneTechnology is advancing day by day and we also have robots working for us in homes. Gone are the days when we used reels in the cameras as drone cameras have stepped in the current times. Drones are used in many countries of the world for different purposes. In some places, they are used to carry human organs from one place to another place.

X1 HdCube Drone is one of the most powerful drone cameras with superb features. It has HD mode with live video recording facility to make your trips more memorable.

What Does It Include?

This drone can be controlled with smart devices such as Android phones and tablets. It runs on a 3.7V 400mAh battery which comes with a protective function. The package of X1 HdCube Drone- High Performance Micro Selfiedrone includes 1 USB charging cable, 4 spare blades, and 1 user manual and 1 bag case.

Further, it has a 0.3MP camera to take beautiful pictures. It can fly up to 8 minutes at the maximum of 40M. This drone can land in a smooth manner and can be turned into any direction. Additionally, it is foldable and small in size.


  • Lightweight

This mini selfie drone is lightweight and can perform well at the higher altitudes. It can fly even to the farther distances while recording the live videos or taking pictures. It can hover in the air with proper stability. After the completion of the flight time, this drone will smoothly land on the ground.

  • WiFi Remote Control

It is easy to control the tasks of X1 HdCube Drone with the help of WiFi connection on your phones and other smart devices. Apart from that, you can transfer the images and videos from the camera to the phone and then share them on social media platforms.

  • Feature of Headless Mode

This mini-drone may fly in the right direction once you set it in headless mode. It will automatically find its way to take images and record live videos. In addition to that, this mini selfie drone comes with one key return button. Using this button, you can recall this drone without hassle.

  • Proper Hovering In The Air

X1 HdCube Drone comes with high hold mode feature. You have to first release the throttle stick and then the drone will set the height and hovers at that height in a perfect manner. Once it reaches a certain height, you can easily fly this drone for the purpose of aerial photography.

  • 3 Speeds

This camera has 3-speed modes which are low, medium and fast. Depending on the size of the areas, you can choose the speed mode and then fly this drone to take aerial photography and record live videos of different places.

Reviews of the Customers

X1 HdCube drone has been a blessing for selfie lovers. It is ordered by many backpackers and travelers to take live video recording and aerial photography. Many people say that this mini-drone can be easily controlled with the help of smartphones and tablets. Some customers say that it hovers perfectly in the air avoiding all obstacles. Few people like LED light as they can take pictures at night too.

Where to Get This Product From?

You can order X1 HdCube Drone only from the official website of the manufacturer. To place the order of this product, you must first visit the site and choose the pack. You have to then make the payment by cash or credit card. The product will reach within a few business days at your place.

X1 HdCube Drone makes each of your trips more beautiful and memorable.