X1 LuxSmart24 Smart Led Light- Review, Features, Price


People are applying smarter ways to live their life. Smart age means the use of all smart devices at homes, offices, and schools. Whenever the festivals are near, we spend a lot of money on buying colorful lamps and lights. These temporary lamps are tough to maintain and costly as well.

X1 LuxSmart24

It is time to use one device for all types of lighting. You can now choose X1 LuxSmart24 Smart Led Light Bulb. This bulb is cost effective and comes with various modes to make your beautiful for every occasion.

What are the features of LuxSmart 24 smart bulb?

This smart bulb comes with 16 million color combinations so that you can pick your favorite theme in each party. You can fit X1 LuxSmart24 Smart Led Light Bulb in any room without difficulty. It is made with durable materials after checking them for several months.

Furthermore, this smart bulb works on low electricity. It gives long term results. You can fit it in any lamp or lantern to make your room more elegant and lively.

Benefits of X1 LuxSmart24 Smart Led Light Bulb

  • Works On Less Energy

Ordinary lamps and lights consume more energy which automatically increases electric bills. On the other hand, X1 LuxSmart24 Smart Led Light Bulb operates on low energy. Even if you use this smart bulb for the full day, the electric bills are lesser than those of ordinary light bulbs.

  • Works With Smart Devices

Since it is a smart bulb, you can control it using Android and iOS devices. In addition to that, you can change the mode and color as per your choice with your mobile phones or tablets. Moreover, you can use X1 LuxSmart24 Smart Led Light Bulb with the help of voice command by using Google Assistant or Alexa. It is convenient to manage the settings of this bulb by lying on the sofa.

  • Different Modes

The problem with using traditional light bulbs is that they emit the boring light every time. X1 LuxSmart 24 smart bulb includes 4 modes for different occasions. They are party mode, smart group mode, music sync mode and timer mode. Whether it is a party or some other occasion, you can pick the mode according to that and set it. In addition to that, you can set the theme according to different types of music.

  • Fits in Lamps

If you have an array of beautiful lamps, fit X1 LuxSmart 24 smart bulb into them for making them more gorgeous. It can fit in small or large size lamps for parties, festivals, musical nights and dinner nights.

Pros of the Smart Bulb

  • X1 LuxSmart 24 smart bulb comes with 4 modes for a house party, music, and other modes.
  • It has a simple installation and setup.
  • You can operate this smart bulb with Android and iOS devices and Alexa as well.
  • It includes 16 million color combinations to select the scene as per the occasion and mood.
  • The bulb comes with 14 years guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • It consumes low energy and brings down the cost of electric bills too.
  • You can control other bulbs in the room with X1 LuxSmart 24 smart bulb.

Cons of the Smart Bulb

  • It is not available in any local shop or store.
  • The remote control range creates a problem in managing the settings of this bulb.
  • Delivery of the product takes several days.

What do people say?

Many customers placed the order of X1 LuxSmart 24 smart bulb and used it. They say that it is easy to fit this smart bulb in ordinary lamps for reading or other purposes. Furthermore, some people say that this smart bulb lifts the mood for house parties and dinner with friends and family. Some people say that they can pick their favorite colors in the lamp using their smart devices and Alexa.

Where to buy this product from?

You can buy LuxSmart24 smart bulb only from the official site of the manufacturer. To place the order of the product, you should fill up the form by typing your personal details. You can then make the payment by cash method or using the credit card method. The product will reach at your doorsteps within a few business days.

Every day is a party with X1 LuxSmart24 Smart Led Light Bulb.