X1 Magcover Car Windshield Cover- Review, Price


People cover their cars after coming home or reaching the workplace. Most of us use simple plastic coverings to protect the car from rainwater, snow or frost. But the plastic coverings are not effective and cause scratches on the car’s glasses and windows. Apart from that, our car is exposed to sunrays. Due to harmful UV rays, the window glass can start to fade.

If you want to protect your car in all weather, purchase X1 MagCover car windshield cover. It provides protection to your car in all climatic conditions.


This car windshield cover is made from rich quality aluminum which may protect your car from sunrays and snow. The materials used in the making of this cover are checked by the technicians in the labs. Apart from that, this cover may not cause lines or scratches on the glass of the cars.

Further, X1 MagCover car windshield cover is safe to use on any car model. It is lightweight with 7 ounces. In addition to that, this cover may not cause skin allergies or infection. It is durable and easy to use on any car model.

X1 MagCover

Advantages of MagCover car windshield cover

  • Effortless

It is a tiring job to remove snow from the window of the car during cold weather. Every morning, you have to clean the car glass with a cloth. X1 MagCover car windshield cover may help in removing the snow. As a result, you do not have to spend every morning clean the windscreen with a cloth. It saves time and you can rush to work immediately.

  • Weather Resistant

Whether it is summer or winter, X1 MagCover car windshield cover may protect your car anytime. It protects your windscreen from UV rays and snow. Furthermore, it protects the car from pollutants, leaves, dust and pet allergens. It works perfectly in any type of weather.

  • Comfortable to Use

You can easily attach this cover with your car body. You have to open the cover and close the belt on the inner sides of the car doors. Further, you have to attach flexible straps to the wheels of the cars. The cover will not be removed even in the strongest winds. Additionally, the cover will not be stolen easily by any thief.

  • Used for all Vehicles

Whether it is car, SUVs or trucks, X1 MagCover car windshield cover can be used to cover all the vehicles. It has 70 inches width and 50 inches height which can fit any big or small size cars or trucks. It is one of the best tools to protect your vehicles during spring, summer or winter seasons.


  1. I am Andy living in the northern part of the country. We experience cold weather most of the time in the year. Due to cold weather, my car glass is covered with snow. Earlier, I had to clean it with a cloth which took much time. Then I came to know about X1 MagCover car windshield cover and decided to use it to cover my car. Now, I don’t face many difficulties to remove snow from the windscreen by placing this cover.
  1. I am Jack and read the reviews of X1 MagCover car windshield cover from a friend. It protects my windscreen and windows from snow, heat, and sunrays. It is a good tool for all car models.

Reviews of the customers

Many car owners ordered MagCover car windshield cover and found it to be a good product. Some customers say that they can clean the car in no time by using this cover. Further, few people say this cover is easy to use and attach it to the car. Some of them say that it keeps the car in good conditions in all the climatic conditions.

Where to get this product from?

You can purchase X1 MagCover car windshield cover only from the official site of the manufacturer. To place the order, you must fill up the online form by giving your personal details. You have to then choose the deal and make the payment either by cash or credit card. The product will reach you within a few days.

Give your car a protective cover with X1 MagCover car windshield cover.