X1 RetroMi Mini Game Console- Review, Price, Features


Technology has gifted us many latest gadgets but still, we remember the old good devices. We remember the childhood days when there were no computers and we used to play hand video games. Well, you can cherish those memories as well as play them with a game console. You can now score well in a car race and bowling games.

We are talking about X1 RetroMi game console. It is a small size console consisting of 168 games for old games’ lovers. This console is one of the best gaming tools you can buy to feed your game hunger.

X1 RetroMi

Features of X1 RetroMi Console
  • Portable

Small in size, X1 RetroMi console comes easily in handbag, backpack or suitcase. It is an entertaining thing you can carry while traveling with family, friends or office colleagues. In addition to that, this console is lightweight and you can carry it with ease and comfort from one place to another. Moreover, you can place it in the car compartment while traveling.

  • Good Battery Life

Unlike traditional gaming consoles, X1 RetroMi Mini Game Console With 168 Classic Games contains a modern inbuilt battery of 600mAH. You need to charge the battery once or twice as this console runs for 6 hours on one-time charging. You can enjoy long trips by playing various traditional games on this console.

  • Contains All Classic Games

Whether it is a Japanese Sumo or Robot war, this advanced gaming console has all the games of your childhood days. You can invite your friends and involve in a massive group game by scoring the highest points. X1 RetroMi console is the best way to enjoy weekends with friends, cousins and family members.

  • Robust Buttons

Playing games is fun only when there are proper joystick and buttons to control the functions. X1 RetroMi console has beautiful joystick and buttons which do not hurt your fingers. It is easy to play games on this console. You can get the fast speed with proper control of the gaming tasks.

  • LCD Screen

This console has amazing LD screen to view the graphics of the games. You can precisely view all the details of the game with scores and levels. A wider screen definitely gives you unique gaming experience. Apart from that, you can have more fun of gaming with loud sound and animations.

  • Compatible with TV

If you want to spend Sundays with friends, connect X1 RetroMi console to your plasma TV to play on a bigger screen. All you have to do is to take a video-out cable and connect it to TV for playing old classic games.

  1. I am Monica studying in the final year of college. I love playing games with my school friends on Saturdays and Sundays. Some days back, I heard about X1 RetroMi and decided to buy it. It is an incredible gaming tool and I play games at home, college, and garden. On weekends, I invite my friends and we enjoy playing classic games together on TV. 
  1. I am Bruce working in an IT company. I am fond of playing old traditional games such as Hide and Seek, Japanese Sumo and Brain Age Test. One of my office friends told me about X1 RetroMi It has good buttons, joystick, and sound. Every day, I spent one to 2 hours on this console by playing all my favorite traditional games.

What do people say?

Many people got their childhood backs with X1 RetroMi console. They say that it contains 160 popular classic games. Some teens say that this tool is the best weekend hang- out with friends and family. Many travelers like the product because of its long-lasting battery. They say that the trips sound more amazing with this portable device. Some people like the robust buttons and joystick of the console and its big screen.

Where to get this product from?

You can buy X1 RetroMi console only from the official site of the company. You have to first fill the online form, select the deal and make the payment either by cash mode or card mode. The product will reach you within 4 to 5 business days.

X1 RetroMi console is the perfect tool for weekends, family trips, business tours, and house parties.