X1 ThermoRF Beauty Device- Review, Price, Usage, Features


Beauty starts to fade with the growing age. Most of the people get wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines on the face before 40 years. Today, you must have seen on TV and read in the newspaper that teens get bad skin due to the use of beauty products. It is important to control your eating habits and use of costly beauty products on the face.

X1 ThermoRF Wrinkle

If you want beautiful and wrinkle-free skin at the age of 40 years, try X1 Thermo RF Facial Wrinkle Removal Beauty Machine. It is the massager which may remove the aging signs on the face and give you younger look than before.

How is this massager made?

X1 Thermo RF Handheld Multi-Function RF Beauty Device is the massager made using the latest technology. It is a lightweight and durable product. This massager is designed by some of the best skin experts for women above 40 years. Apart from that, it is a clinically proven product and may not give skin allergies or infections.

Additionally, this product has received quality certificates. It is not tested on any animal. Using this massager on face or neck will not cause negative effects in the body such as migraine or headache.

Benefits of Thermo RF Beauty device

  • Removes Wrinkles

Today, women get wrinkles before 40 years of age. The main causes of wrinkles and fine lines are stress, pollution, anxiety, and the use of anti-aging serum. One must choose X1 Thermo RF facial massager to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Within some weeks, you may get clear and wrinkle-free skin with this massager.

  • 5 Modes

This facial massager comes with 5 modes for various purposes. It will remove blackheads, dirt, and oil and stop blocking pores. Besides that, X1 Thermo RF facial massager also helps in removing bright makeup in no time. You can roll this massager over your face after coming home from parties or marriage functions to remove makeup.

  • Prevents Skin Damage

This tool may give moisture to the skin. It makes your skin more flexible and elastic. Furthermore, it may help in preventing the skin from getting dry and rough. X1 Thermo RF facial massager is a good tool for both dry and sensitive skin. In addition to that, this massager helps in preventing cell damage in the skin.

  • Good Battery

Containing good quality Lithium Metal batteries, this facial massager needs to be charged only once in 2 weeks. You can charge the battery and use it for 2 weeks. It is also a good tool to carry on family trips and tours.

  • Perfect for Every Place

Thermo RF beauty device is specifically designed for home use and beauty salons. In addition to that, it can be used in fitness clubs and business trips. You can place the massager in any handbag or backpack. Furthermore, this facial massager can work up to 2 weeks perfectly by one-time charging.

How to use X1 Thermo RF facial massager?

First of all, you have to wash the face and remove bright makeup. You can also use a cotton ball and a few drops of lotion to make the skin softer. Then you have to click on the option of “MODE” and switch on the machine. The next step is to choose the energy level and test it by rolling on your hands. You have to stick the electrode surface on your skin. Apply some drops of lotions on the face. Finally, take a cotton ball and clean the face.

Customers’ reviews

Many women used X1 Thermo RF machine and got wrinkle-free skin within some days. They say that it is easy to remove makeup, dirt, oil, and grease from the skin with this machine. Further, many women take this machine while traveling and on business tours. It is loved by many women due to its powerful effects on the skin.

Where to get it?

X1 Thermo RF massager is available only on the official site. To order the product, you have to first select the package and make the payment by cash or credit cards. The product will reach at your doorsteps within a few days.

X1 Thermo RF Facial Wrinkle Removal Beauty Machine is the best friend of women.

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