X1 WifiBoost 300MBPS Wifi Booster- Review, Price, Features


Internet is more than the breath in the present times. A day without internet or WiFi connection can stop all the important tasks in the home or offices. We often face poor Wi-Fi signals at home while working on PCs and laptops. Similarly, a poor Wi-Fi signal can act as a hurdle when you have to send an important file to the client.

X1 WifiBoost

X1 WifiBoost – 300MBPS Wifi Booster is the tool which improves Wi-Fi signals of the house, offices or large apartments. It can provide powerful Wi-Fi signals in all the rooms of the house.

How does it work?

There are a few simple steps to use this device. First of all, you have to connect the X1 WifiBoost – 300MBPS Wifi Booster device to the existing router network. After connecting this device, you can get strong Wi-Fi signals in all the rooms of the house.

Further, you have to connect to the booster for stronger Wi-Fi signals in all the rooms. The next step is to open Wi-Fi settings and connect to the new booster you see on the list. Within some seconds, you will get a speedy Wi-Fi connection in all the rooms.

In addition to that, you can do a speed test before and after setting up the booster. For taking a speed test, you can type in the Google search bar “Google speed test” and get the results within a few seconds.

The booster will improve working if you keep it in the right place. If there are no hurdles between the different rooms of the house, you will get more powerful Wi-fi signals in each room. For a fast and effective performance of X1 WifiBoost – 300MBPS Wifi Booster device, you should place in the central area of the home. This is where it works well and gives strong signals in all other rooms.

Benefits of WiFi Boost
  • Good Wi-Fi connection

More than 95% of work today is through an internet connection. We have to send various documents and files to our colleagues. Due to a poor Wi-Fi signal, we cannot do the work properly. X1 WifiBoost – 300MBPS Wifi Booster device boosts signals in the rooms of the homes. It can also be placed in offices for accelerating the work of various departments.

  • Easy setup

It is very easy to use Wi-Fi Boost at homes, offices or patios. You just need to connect it with the existing router and open Wi-Fi settings. Then you need to connect it with booster for better signals. You can set up this device easily with the help of the manual guide.

  • Place it anywhere

Wi-Fi Boost is a good device to use at offices, homes, hotel rooms, restaurants, cafes, shops and malls. It boosts the poor signals and you can get a fast Wi-Fi connection in all the corners. You can also do a speed test to check its speed via Google search.

  • Smooth workflow

This device helps in doing the work at a faster speed. While the normal Wi-Fi routers work at a slow speed, Wi-Fi Boost may boost the Wi-Fi signals. You can send all the large files and documents from your PC and laptops. Apart from that, you can download large music files, movie files and images from the internet. Additionally, you can upload your photos, videos, and GIFs at a fast speed on social media platforms with this device.


  1. I am Chris studying in the final year of MBA. Most of the time, I work on laptops to complete my projects and assignments. I changed my Wi-Fi routers several times but could not get a fast internet connection. I decided to get a Wi-Fi Boost from the official site. It works great in all the rooms of my house. Now, I can finish all of my projects and assignments faster than before.
  1. I am Peter and I have my own office. Earlier, I had a common Wi-Fi router at my office. Every day, I have to send large size files and folders to my clients. Due to a poor internet connection, a lot of destruction was caused in my work. I purchased an X1 WifiBoost – 300MBPS Wifi Booster for my office. I got better results with this device.

Reviews of the customers

Many people got faster Wi-Fi signals after using Wi-Fi Boost in their homes. They say that this device is easy to set up and use. Few people also placed it in their offices, bars, and patios. They say that this device helps in completing work faster and in a more effective manner.

Where to get this product from?

You can purchase X1 WifiBoost – 300MBPS Wifi Booster device only from the official site. You can first fill up the online form and select the deal. The next step is to make payment either by card or cash. The product will reach your doorsteps within a few days.

X1 WifiBoost – 300MBPS Wifi Booster is the right device for speedy Wi-Fi connection.