Xiaomi Is About To Launch Black Shark In Europe


Gaming phones add more fun to playing games and every year, companies launch gaming phones with special features. Xiaomi is one of the latest brands manufacturing some of the best gaming phones. Last year, the company introduced Black Shark in China and it got a massive success. This year, Xiaomi will launch this gaming phone in European markets. It will be released in total 28 countries of Europe which are Belgium, Austria, Lithuania, Cyprus, Sweden, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Estonia, Denmark, Croatia, Latvia, Poland, UK,and others.

Xiaomi Black Shark

This phone will be introduced in the markets of Europe on 16th November 2018. Let us further study the features of specifications of Black Shark by Xiaomi.

Features of the phone

  • Large display

This gaming phone has a beautiful HD display of 6-inch. It further includes a curve-shaped screen with screen resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. The huge display of Black Shark will give more entertainment while playing the games such as Clash of the Clans, Temple Run, Grand Auto Theft and others. You can enjoy the visual effects and background to the fullest on this huge LCD display.

  • Long lasting battery

The company has manufactured Black Shark gaming phone by packing 4000 mAh battery in it. This battery will run for many hours and you can really enjoy any game without the worry of charging the battery again and again. The powerful battery will make each of your long distance trips more interesting with games.

  • Stores more data

This gaming phone has 8GB RAM and storage of 128GB. You will not face the lack of space in saving the images, songs, videos,and GIFs. You can also save your favorite movies, TV series and videos of sports on your phone. The one which released in China had 6GB RAM and 64GB storage.

  • Amazing camera

Along with excellent gaming fun, Xiaomi Black Shark also gives you the beautiful selfies. It has a fantastic dual rear camera system of 12 MP + 20 MP and also a selfie snapper of 20 MP. You can now take amazing panoramic views of the elegant locations while having a family trip. This phone is the ideal phone to take on long tours. You can also take superb group selfies with this huge camera.

  • Free Gamepad

This gaming phone comes with a gamepad by which you can easily play any game. It runs on Bluetooth and you will get a good gaming experience too. Whether it is any control in the game or key, this gamepad will give a smooth feel while playing the games. You do not have to pay the extra price for this gamepad.

  • A feature of liquid cooling

Xiaomi Black Shark includes one of the latest features which are liquid cooling. Normally, the other smartphones may get heated while playing games for long hours or charging them. The overheating is a major problem in most of the Android phones these days.

This gaming phone has a liquid cooling feature by which the temperature will automatically decrease by 8 degrees Celsius. Now, you do not feel that heat in your hand of your phone while playing any game.

  • Good operating system

The phone runs on Android 8.1 Oreo OS. The powerful operating system makes Black Shark one of the most robust smartphones to use while playing any games. You will not face any technical issues or other faults by playing any game on this phone.

Additionally, it has Qualcomm’s octa-core processor and GPU of Adreno 630. It also includes a feature of “Shark mode”. It’ll improve the performance of your phone. It further stops the calls, messages or notifications to arrive in the middle of playing any game. This will provide you a nonstop gaming fun.

Where to buy from?

You can order Xiaomi Black Shark from the online store of the company. The company has held a competition for game lovers these days known as Loot box Challenge. Every participant of this competition has to complete certain tasks and reach some levels in games.

The participants can then unlock loot boxes in the competition. They will further get discounts and prizes and also a free Xiaomi Black Shark phone with a free game pad. The company also gives a pre-order credit facility to all the participants which they use at online stores while purchasing this gaming phone. They may some discounts on the price of Black Shark gaming phone.


Xiaomi packed Black Shark gaming phone with many unique features. The price is still not disclosed on the online stores and the company will reveal it on 16th November 2018.