Avid Tactical Headlamp 2019 Review: Advanced Features, Save Upto 51%


How does Avid Tactical Headlamp make your trips exciting?

Family trips, camping, hiking, and business trips are incomplete without a good headlamp. These days, people choose lightweight tools while going for hiking, hunting, boating, climbing, and others. A power cut is a major problem whenever you are on a hill station, camping sites and other picnic spots.

Avid Tactical Headlamp is a lightweight and durable traveling tool you can buy to enjoy your trips. It is used while doing various activities such as reading, jogging, walking, hiking, hunting and fishing in the early morning.

Features of Avid Tactical Headlamp

  1. Zoom feature

This feature helps you to view the things which are close and far. It helps you to focus light in a big area. Avid Tactical Headlamp is used for use in daily activities. You can conveniently use this headlamp in dark areas while going for outdoor activities. It has 1-200X zoom for better performance.

  1. Easy rotation

This headlamp comes with the feature of 90 Degree Rotation which protects your neck from pain. You can easily rotate Avid Tactical Headlamp in 90 degrees to put a light in a particular direction. You don’t need to tilt down your head to use this headlamp.

  1. 3. Different modes

This flashlight comes with 3 modes which are high, medium and strobe. It helps you even in a dark place. With these modes, you can do many things such as changing tires of your cars and bikes. You can adjust the brightness of the flashlight as per your choice.

  1. Fits on all head shapes

Avid Tactical Headlamp does not require any wire to put on the head. You can wear it comfortably on your heads and it had a common size for all. Besides that, this headlamp is made from premium quality materials which do not cause skin allergies. Wearing this headlamp will not give side effects in the body such as headache, migraine, and nausea.

  1. Good batteries

This headlamp runs on 3x AAA batteries which go on well for many years. You can use these batteries for a long period of time. With a single pack of batteries, you can do many trips and tours. In addition to that, this flashlight comes with extra batteries so that you can change them in case the previous batteries get over.

  1. Multiple purposes

The brightness of Avid Tactical Headlamp is awesome and you can use it for several purposes. It can be used for an array of activities such as household searching, dog walking, jogging, hiking, repairing and others. The headlamp comes with a signal which you can use for calling someone during an emergency.

  1. Used for car repairing

Avid Tactical Headlamp is used when you have to repair the cars. This headlamp throws a bright light by which you can easily solve problems of your car such as tire replacing and changing the engine of the car. It is more powerful than a mobile flashlight and gives better performance.


  1. I am Martin from Texas. I love to go camping. For many years, I used to carry the ordinary torch to go for hunting and other activities. But the ordinary torch does not give brightness while repairing the car parts and replacing them. Then I read the reviews of Avid Tactical Headlamp and ordered it online. It is one of the best headlamps you can use for hiking, camping, and outdoor activities. It has good batteries as well.
  2. I am Sara from California. Most of the time, I travel by car with my friends on picnics and hiking. My car used to stop running many a time before due to heavy rains or snowfall. The normal flashlight in mobile phones does not work effectively during power cuts. One of my friends told me about Avid Tactical Headlamp and I purchased it. This tool throws bright light and I can repair the car engine and change the tires during trips.

What do people say?

Many people ordered Avid Tactical Head Lamp and used it for hiking, biking, hunting, running, and other activities. They say that it is a good product to use and has powerful batteries. Some customers say that this flashlight is easy to place on the head and does not hurt the neck. Few people also say that it is a useful tool for picnics and tours.

How to buy this product?

You can purchase Avid Tactical Headlamp only from the official site of the manufacturer. To order the sample product, you must fill-up the form and fill all the personal details in it. You have to then make the payment using cash or credit card. The product will arrive at your home within a few days.

Avid Tactical Headlamp makes hiking, camping, biking and other activities more interesting.