Best Latest Tattoo Designs 2018- Crazy Tattoo Designs


Fashion is something which is often repeated. It is generally passed from one generation to another. The tattoo is not the latest fashion trend but it dates back to Stone Age and Bronze Age periods. In those days, people used to put tattoos on their bodies and until now, they are in fashion.

Tattoos can suit any kind of costume and on any occasion. There are plain as well as colorful tattoos these days which people apply on their skin. Let us have a glance at some of the best tattoo designs of the year 2018.

  1. 3D hand design

3D tattoo designs are much in trend today. Various designs can be given the 3D form such as flowers, heartbeats, snake designs, and others. 3D designs are loved by both men and women. They give a good appearance to the eyes. You can also take the ideas of tattoo experts for selecting the designs. Generally, 3D tattoos look great on arms, back, and hands.

  1. Colored tattoos

If you love colors, you can pick any watercolor and make a tattoo on any part of your body. You can give symmetrical designs or lines and colors in them. Using bold colors will give a special look to your body. The colorful tattoos can match the different costumes also and they will enhance your looks. Colored tattoos are recently becoming a fashion statement on many occasions and events.

  1. Two shades

You must have seen many people putting the tattoo designs in 2 color shades. This is one of theĀ latest tattoo designs which you can do on your arms or legs. You can choose any light and dark shades such as black and light brown, light red and blue and others. You can go for a nature scene or an image of a flower which looks stylish and new.

  1. Blackwork style

This style is very popular among youngsters nowadays. Blackwork style includes the designs of snakes or dotted designs. It generally has a similar pattern of design. You can do this tattoo on back and arms. One of the best points of Blackwork style is that it covers the whole part of the body. It can be easily visible in any kind of costume which you wear. You can choose the latest or old classic designs.

  1. Heart designs

Now, this is the theme in which you can try many new designs. Heart designs are the most popular ones among females. Apart from that, they look lovely on the stomach, feet, neck, and arms. Whether it is a heart with an arrow or a big heart with intricate designs, this theme can be expanded in many ways. You can even use different colors to enhance the look of the heart.

  1. Flower tattoos

Flowers are some of the best tattoo designs which everyone prefers. There are thousands of designs which you can think of putting along with a flower. You can go for a rose or a lotus. You can even choose the design of flowers with some grass or leaves which give a natural look to your body. Flower tattoos designs can be put on feet, stomach or hands. You can also take some colors if you want.

  1. Full sleeve tattoo designs

If you love wearing sleeveless tops, you can choose full sleeve tattoo designs for your hands. There are numerous themes which you can choose for full sleeve tattoo designs. You can show any concept on your hand with the help of a tattoo. It looks very feminine and beautiful. Full sleeve tattoo designs can be done to express your feelings to your loved ones. You can also draw faces on your hand.

  1. Butterfly designs

The next on the list is butterfly design. These are some of the latest tattoo designs commonly found in females. The butterfly symbolizes the freedom of the female and so it is often chosen for a tattoo design. You can also put 3D effects to the butterfly design to beautify its looks. You can put butterfly designs on the wrist, arms, feet, neck or feet.

  1. Half sleeve tattoo designs

There are many trendy designs which have come in half sleeve tattoo theme. You can put the face of a lady on the arms or flower designs on the back. Half sleeve tattoo designs look stylish with sleeveless or cap sleeve tops. They can also match with some traditional outfits. There are various colors which can be used in half sleeve tattoo designs.

  1. Dotwork tattoos

Dotwork tattoos are very common among females. An array of designs can be made joining the dots. Drawing dot-work tattoos on any part of the body is a tough task and it needs a professional tattoo artist to draw these designs on the body. Geometrical figures are one of the most popular designs in dotwork tattoos. You can also do shading work in these designs.

  1. Demon tattoo designs

Demon tattoos are the way to depict the sad and harsh realities of life. Demons are the way to show the aggression and you can also use colors such as black and red to show more anger. Demon tattoos can also be shown with horns or tail for more violent appearance. You can put demon tattoos on chest or back for a more attractive look.

  1. Cross tattoo designs

Cross tattoo designs are some of the most popular ones among teenagers. You can put a cross tattoo on hand or neck or leg. They can be shown with some dots showing a necklace form. Cross tattoo designs look great on fingers too. It is believed that cross protects you from evil and so getting this tattoo design on your body will make you more spiritual.

  1. Portrait tattoo designs

The portrait is the theme in which you can put any idea beyond your imagination. You can put the portrait of any person you love on your arms. You can also put some cool designs around the portraits to give a fashionable look. Again, this is the theme where you can use any color of your choice.

  1. New School tattoos

New school tattoo designs are for both men and women who simply love tattoos. You can merge both old and contemporary ideas of tattoos in this theme with bright colors. They appear like graffiti and you can pick any latest comic character or another figure for the design. It is one of the latest tattoo designs in college girls.

  1. Star designs

The star-shaped tattoos are also most common ideas these days. You can put these tattoos on your back, neck or shoulders. You can give a chain design connecting the stars or any other design. There are many stylish designs in the star tattoos.


Tattoos are a way to express your feelings and opinions to the world. Each day, a new tattoo design arrives which something has connected with the real world.

Whether it is a nature or the galaxy, your feelings or your favorite characters, tattoos can show everything. There are many latest tattoo designs which you can try for yourself to enjoy every occasion.