Rahul Mishra Brings Mughal Era Fashion in India Couture Week 2018


Winner of International Wool mark Prize, Rahul Mishra brought Mughal fashion is his amazing bridal wear. India Couture Week 2018 ran from 25th July-29th July 2018 and every fashion designer made each day more special with its beautiful couture collection.

Rahul Mishra Fashion Designer

Rahul Mishra made the last day of the show more interesting with his gorgeous couture. His elegant dresses shook the ramp completely.

Ideas of Couture

Rahul Mishra Fashion Designer did something unique to make the last day of India Couture Week 2018 more memorable. By introducing his splendid collection of menswear, Rahul Mishra once again made the event a hit one.

A popular fashion designer in India as well as abroad, he discovered the cross-pollination theme in his dresses. This idea is different from the rest of the common designs available in the bridal wear. The aim of the fashion designer was to depict the Mughal era style in the costumes.

Rahul had planned since long to come up with couture having historical look. The lehengas worn by models clearly showcased the Mughal era fashion.

Designs and Colors of the Dresses

The concept of Mughal era style by Rahul Mishra is the result of much research and study. The theme of “Cross-pollination” is totally new in India Couture Week 2018 and the audience thoroughly liked it.

He took the idea of cross-pollination from the natural elements of the atmosphere such as flowers, lush green trees, and silent waters. His couture includes the zardozi work and beautiful Swarovski.

The lehengas had fabulous 3D embroideries with pink, green, black, orange, maroon, peach color and others. The nice-looking models with lovely traditional dresses of Mishra were a noteworthy moment. The audience appreciated the eccentric couture of him in India Couture Week 2018.

Rahul Mishra Fashion Designer

Rahul Mishra brings man and nature together

Natural, exotic, magnificent and trendy dresses were the choices of Rahul Mishra always. His objective was to blend the man and nature in a nice way for a bizarre outfit.

You can see the touch of nature in every costume. With geometrical patterns, floral designs, and tiny architectural works, the lehengas threw an incredible look on the stage.

Some of the lehengas had the design of still waters, lotus, and the small beautiful plants. This is an uncommon design by Rahul which is hard to find in costumes by any other fashion designer.

The cap, circular and full sleeves of the dresses added a special element in each of them. He applied the theme of nature in both the women’s wear and menswear.

The intricate and elaborate designs made the men’s jacket and kurtas more elegant. While in lehengas, the plunging necklines and T-shirt styled blouses were introduced by the fashion designer.

Makeup, Earrings and Lots More

The models looked attractive with light makeup and especially the large earrings which showed the Mughal style. The lehengas with long trains and artistic bottom magnified the looks of models.

The cross-pollination idea really impressed the spectators. Rahul Mishra chose all the elegant colors for his lehengas such as gold, cream, white, coral, blue and green.

The 3D embroidered costume is simply amazing for every occasion and festival. Rahul has always dreamt to bring the couture having traditional and modern trends.  The zardozi material for bridal wear is an ideal choice by him.

In the event, Rahul Mishra gave an emphasis on the theme of Indian traditions and Mughal era. The hairstyles of models were low buns particularly to throw the idea of the 17th-century Mughal era.

Wrapping up

India Couture Week 2018 had a significant end with Rahul Mishra’s bridal collection. His ethnic collection with 3D embroidery on zardozi is a tribute to Indian as well as Mughal culture.

Rahul Mishra’s beautiful traditional collection is sure to rock this wedding season. His elegant and colorful lehengas will make the occasion of each bride a special one.