Can Indoor Plants Really Purify The Air?


Indoor gardening enhances the look of the house. It is a good idea not only for home décor but also for purifying the air in the house. The indoor plants to purify the air absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give out oxygen for breathing.

indoor plants to purify the air

The indoor plants also absorb other toxic gases such as Benzene, formaldehyde and fabric softener from the atmosphere and provide clean air for breathing purpose. This is the main reason why doctors suggest keeping plants in the house where there are ill patients as indoor plants can help in fast recovery.

Benefits of Indoor Plants

There are many benefits of indoor plants which are as under:

  • Reduces the chances of cancer

Cancer is the result of inhalation of impure air consisting of toxic gases such as benzene, formaldehyde, and detergent. These gases can lead to cancer in the human body. The indoor plants take in all these gases and make the air pure and fit to breathe. The soil microorganisms in the plants clean the indoor air and it also reduces the chances of diseases like asthma and cancer.

  • Reduces stress

One of the main reasons why people keep plants in the bedroom and drawing room is to maintain the happy environment. People use indoor plants to purify the air and remove negative feelings from the house such as anger, stress, and depression. You will feel calm and relaxed with the indoor plants in the house. Looking at the green plants in the early morning makes your day more fresh and energetic.

  • Makes the environment happier

To keep indoor plants in the offices is also one of the best ideas to provide an active environment in the office. The employees will get encouragement in the office while working and they will not get the work pressure.

indoor plants to purify the air
indoor plants to purify the air
  • Eliminate background noise

This is quite an unknown reason but actually true. The indoor plants in-house, offices and buildings help in reducing the background noise of vehicles, construction work, and heavy machines.

The studies reveal that leaves of the plants absorb and reflect noise which gives you a calm and cool atmosphere. The indoor plants take in high-frequency noises and make the environment perfect for studying and working.

  • Maintains the moisture in the rooms

We all know the process of photosynthesis and how plants release the water vapor in the atmosphere. The indoor plants release vapor due to which there is moisture in the room. With the presence of moisture in the house, there are no chances of respiratory diseases.

  • Higher concentration levels

As per some studies, the classrooms of the colleges and schools which had plants, there was a higher attendance than those with no or low plants. It is stated according to the research that indoor plants tend to increase the concentration levels of the students.

The students are able to grasp quicker during exams when they study in the room having plants. One gain a higher level of focus on the studies as well as work with the help of indoor plants.

Different indoor plants that one can prefer for an indoor garden
  • Spider plant

One of the biggest indoor plants to purify the air is the spider plant. A bit creepy in looks, this plant has actually many benefits. They absorb the toxic gases such as xylene and carbon monoxide from the rooms and provide pure air for inhaling. The spider plant is also a safe indoor plant if you have pets in the home.

  • Peace Lily

Peace Lily helps to keep peace in the homes, offices or buildings. It has a beautiful white color which provides a relaxing and cooling effect to the eyes. This plant is easy to store even in low light areas of the balcony.

It is one of the best indoor plants to add moisture to the rooms and also to purify the air.

  • Chrysanthemum

A lot of poems and sonnets describe Chrysanthemum and it is also the favorite flower of poets. They are really colorful and gorgeous looking indoor plants for your house or office. They give a fresh feeling to your eyes after waking up in the morning.

These plants absorb dangerous gases such as benzene and ammonia from the house and keep the air clean and pure.

  • Golden Pothos

An Air-purifying plant, Golden Pothos is a good choice for the indoor garden area. It is one of the safest indoor plants to purify the air in the house or buildings.

The benefit of keeping Golden Pothos in the house is that it grows faster even in low light conditions. You do not need to water it every day and still, it can grow fully.

  • Rubber plant

The next on the list is rubber plant which helps to keep moisture in the house. It grows easily in the bright or low light conditions. However, you need to water it each day.

 Rubber plant is one of the most beautiful indoor plants for keeping the air pure and fresh. You can also place it in offices for a positive environment.

  • Aloe Vera

One of the most useful indoor plants for the house, Aloe Vera is the best plant for your balcony. The sap of the plant heals the cuts and burns and you can also use it in your hair or skin.

indoor plants to purify the air
indoor plants to purify the air

It also absorbs carbon dioxide and gives our oxygen in the environment. The light green leaves of Aloe Vera will give you a calm feeling in the early morning.

These are some of the best indoor plants to purify the air in the homes, offices, and buildings. You should keep in mind a few tips before placing indoor plants in the house.

The indoor plants will provide you with a healthy environment for living as well as make your home happier and better. Choose your favorite indoor plants and let the joy enter your home.