ChargeBoost Reviews: Effective Portable Cable Charger, Light & Faster

Charge Boost charging cable help to charge your batteries of phones, mobiles, tablets, and notepads faster way. View features, benefits & price for sale.

Why Is Chargeboost Pro Better Than Other Chargers For Phones And Other Devices?

Wired chargers become messy during family trips or business tours. Besides that, they charge phones and tablets at a slow speed. Ordinary chargers do not work fast when you want to receive calls and send emails. ChargeBoost Pro is an amazing new wireless charger to charge phones anytime and anywhere.

This lightweight charge will help you while going on business trips or family trips. It does not tangle or become messy by keeping in travel bags, luggage, purse or handbags.

Features of ChargeBoost Pro charger

It is very simple to use ChargeBoost Pro charger. All you need to do is to plug this charger in the USB port and place your smartphone on the pad. Your phone will be charged within a few seconds.

Further, this charger is available in white and black colors. Apart from that, this portable charger can charge the batteries of phones, tablets, and notepads. It has a power input of 5 volts. You need to have a USB port to charge your device with this portable charger. In addition to that, this charger can fit in A, B and C types of USB ports. 

Benefits of ChargeBoost Pro Charger

  1. Easy to use

This charger works by plugging it in the USB port. You have to then keep your phone on the pad and let it charge. There are no wires or plugs to use this wireless charger.

  1. Wireless charger

The lightweight feature is what makes ChargeBoost Pro a good charger to carry to trips. It is portable and you can carry it to any place. Apart from that, you can keep it in pockets, purse, laptop bags, travel bags, and backpacks.

  1. Fast charging

ChargeBoost Pro is very different from other chargers. It runs at a faster speed than cheap phone chargers. It saves time and efforts and you can take every phone call during trips.

  1. Charges all devices

Whether it is an Android or iOS device, this charger charges all devices. ChargeBoost Pro is a magnetic charger and it sticks to any device.


  1. I am Robert from New York. I have to often travel to other states for work purposes. To charge my phone, I had to carry heavyweight wired chargers everywhere. Then one of my friends told me about ChargeBoost Pro charger. It is a good portable charger to take while going on trips and tours.
  2. I am Steve from California. I am a businessman and need to receive calls from clients every minute. My phone battery used to get low often. I read the reviews of ChargeBoost Pro and purchased it online. It is one of the best portable chargers and gives better performance than other chargers.

What do customers say?

Many people have purchased ChargeBoost Pro and got better results. They say that it charges the phones faster and better than other wired chargers. Some customers say that it is a lightweight and wireless charger because of which it is comfortable to take at any place. Few people say that it is more affordable than other chargers for phones.

Where to get this product from?

You can purchase ChargeBoost Pro charger only from the official site of the manufacturer.  To place the order of this product, you must first visit the official site and fill the form. You have to enter the personal details in the form and make the payment. You will get the product within a few business days.

You can now enjoy long talks on phones with ChargeBoost Cable charger.