AutoCharge2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger & Phone Holder


Phones are important things these days. You cannot keep the phone away for 1 second in your daily life. Many tasks in our daily life are to with the help of mobile phones. You have to reply to the emails and connect with your colleagues for work purposes. We have to often carry a charger to charge your phone.


Now, you can charge your phone easily with AutoCharge2 portable phone holder. It is not just a phone holder but also a charger which you can take anywhere in your car or bike.

How does AutoCharge2 work?

AutoCharge2 mainly uses light to charge your mobile phones. This system is developed by some of the most experienced and well-trained engineers in the world. Further, the body of this phone charger contains fine quality material which does not harmful side effects in the body or skin diseases.

In addition to that, this lightweight phone charger is easy to carry and portable as well. It comes with a photovoltaic panel that generates electricity to charge the phone’s battery. Furthermore, there is a microcontroller and LED indicator to show you the percentage of battery charged.

Advantages of AutoCharge2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

  1. Dual tasks

AutoCharge2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is not alone a phone charger. You can use it as a phone holder as well. It means that you can attach it in your car, bike or cycle and carry your mobile phones in this tool.

  1. LED indicator

Normal phone chargers do not contain this feature. You have to check your phone to know the battery level. In AutoCharge2 phone holder, there is an LED light to show the battery percent. You can take your phone when the LED turns off.

  1. Portable

This phone holder is easy to carry in handbags and luggage. You can place it on a table or car panel to charge your phone. AutoCharge² Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is one of the best tools for trips and picnics.

  1. Fast charging

Unlike wired chargers, AutoCharge2 charges your mobile phones in a fast way. It saves time and you can attend calls and reply to your friends for work.


  1. I am Chris from LA. I am a businessman and have to travel to other cities for business purposes. I was tired to carry heavy chargers everywhere to charge my phone. Then I read the reviews of AutoCharge2 phone holder and purchased it online. It is a good tool to carry on business tours and trips.
  2. I am Andrew from Texas. I love to go by car everywhere. During journeys, my mobile phone’s battery used to go down. Then my friend told me about AutoCharge2 phone charger. It is easy to place it in the car and use it as well.

Reviews of the customers

Many customers placed the order of AutoCharge2 phone holder. They say that it is a good tool to use during trips and business tours. Some people say that that it is lightweight and easy to fix in cars and bikes. Few people say that AutoCharge2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is easy to keep on tables or desks at homes, offices or any other place.

Where to buy this product from?

You can place the order of AutoCharge2 phone holder only on the official site of the company. To order this product, you have to visit the official site and fill the online form. In the form, you have to write all your personal details and then make the payment. The product will come at your doorsteps within a few days.

You can make your personal and professional life easier with Auto Charge2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger.