Amazing Tips to Get Rid Of Loose Skin after Pregnancy


The birth of your child has surely changed you in many ways – Emotional as well as physical. The physical signs of being a mom are all too evident and among them are the all too familiar stretch marks on the tummy and the bulging belly. You may also be somewhat out of shape, but the stretch marks and the loose skin on the tummy are very apparent and unsightly. You need to get rid of these to get yourself back in shape, but for that, you need to devote adequate time and effort.

skin after pregnancy

Sagging skin on the belly is common to mothers, but there are tips which you can follow to get rid of this. Let us go, through some of these tips.

1} Drink More Water and Fluids

Water enhances your body’s hydration levels, thus enhancing the hydration level of your skin. When the skin is more hydrated it becomes touted and therefore tight. You can lose those unsightly bags of loose skin by taking an adequate quantity of water and fluid regularly.

2} Lean Protein Is Good

Lean protein, i.e protein without any fat is good for your body. It helps to promote growth and tone of muscles. As muscles grow, they stretch up the overlying tissue, which in turn tones up the overlying saggy skin. So get some lean chicken with your meal with a measure of regularity. This may be a good way to tone up the tags of loose skin.

3} Getting Back the Elasticity Can Take Some Time

Sagging skin indicates that the skin in that area has not got back its elasticity. It has gone through continuous stretching ever since you have become pregnant. By the time you have delivered the baby the skin has reached a yield point in its elastic property. It now needs to get back that property and for that, you need to wait for some time. Usually, six months is a good time for you to get back the elastic property. So you can expect to get rid of the problem in six months if you continue to take water and fluids regularly.

4} Scrubbing Is Good For Health

You can reinvigorate the saggy skin with enhanced blood flow. This can be done by scrubbing the skin. You can use some good scrub like sugar scrub to exfoliate the skin and enhance blood flow to the skin.

5} Lotions Can Expedite the Recovery

Lotions can moisturize the skin and make the skin tight. However, there are lotions which can also give a collagen boost to the skin. Collagen is the basic framework of skin and hair. If you apply collagen containing cream to your saggy areas you can get back in shape quite quickly.

6} Breastfeed Your Baby As Long As You Can

Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for your baby, but for you too. The milk in your glands is formed out of the calories you take. If you breastfeed your baby regularly and for a long time the calories you take will regularly get converted to milk. This would prevent the storage of calories as fat in your belly. This would help you lose weight and get rid of loose skin.