Health Benefits of Carom Seeds Water


Carom Seeds are mostly used in Indian households. Carom Seeds is known to be a native of the Asian continent and it continues to be extensively cultivated in India significantly in Rajasthan. The flavor of Carom Seeds may be found in a number of Indian regional foods. Another reason for this is health benefits related to Carom Seeds right from helping digestion to providing relief from ear and tooth pain.

carom seeds water

While adding carom seeds to the daily foods is a very good way to consume this wonderful spice, infusing it in water daily may be a very potent way to target a health issue.

Health Benefits of Carom Seeds Water

1} Carminative Properties

In case you suffer from chronic flatulence, then consuming Carom Seeds Water on a regular basis may help with this condition. Causes of flatulence may vary from a number of dietary choices or even a sedentary lifestyle. Drinking Carom Seeds Water is a very good home remedy in order to relieve flatulence.

2} Weight Loss

A sure way for losing weight and that too in a very healthy manner is to ensure that the digestive system is working well. When the food is digested as well as eliminated properly, chances of the unwarranted weight-gain becomes lower. All thanks to the digestive properties of Carom Seeds, Carom Seeds Water may be helpful for losing weight.

3} Healthy Digestion

Carom Seeds are known to efficient digestive aid. No wonder Carom Seeds are used in almost all the heavy and fried stuff that we generally consume right from parathas to pakoras. Thymol found in the Carom Seeds helps in releasing gastric juices in our stomach which helps in accelerating digestion.

However, in case of chronic symptoms of gastritisit’s suggested that you consult your physician and undergo a complete check-up for ruling out all major ailments.

4} For Pregnant Women

Consuming Carom Seeds is also recommended to pregnant women. Pregnancy brings along a number of gastric issues such as bloating and constipation. Consuming Carom Seeds Water helps with all these symptoms. A number of women are suggested to consume Carom Seeds Water after delivery to aid with digestion, clearing uterus and for lactation. There are not enough scientific pieces of evidence for this and it needs to be followed only when the physician has given a green signal.

5} Fights Acidity

Put simply, acidity is mainly described as the condition where there’s an excess production of the acids by our gastric glands. Acidity may be caused due to a number of reasons like irregular meal time, stress, etc. You would have definitely seen people consuming Carom Seeds and fennel seeds after a heavy meal. Consuming Carom Seeds Water may help in alleviating these symptoms also.

So these are some of the health benefits of consuming Carom Seeds Water. The benefits of everyday spices and herbs from the Indian kitchen are innumerable. We just need to look closely and we would find a wide range of home remedies in our kitchen shelves only. We just need to find them.