Health Benefits of Gram Flour– Homemade Tips


Gram flour which is popularly called gram flour is quite a nutritious food. It provides a number of benefits to the human health. Owing to the high content of protein present in gram flour, it can be consumed easily by vegetarians for fulfilling the protein needs. There are a number of dishes which can be made with gram flour. It is not only useful for the inner body but it is also quite beneficial for the outer body. From times immemorial, gram flour has been in vogue as a homemade face pack for removing tanning and for lightening the skin.

Gram Flour

Health Benefits of Gram Flour

Being a very versatile product, gram flour has made a permanent place in the kitchens. Below are some of the health benefits of Gram Flour for the health:

1} Gram Flour Helps in Lowering Cholesterol

As per different reports by the Toronto University, one serving of gram flour per day can help in reducing bad cholesterol. And the gram flour, as is seen is quite rich in fiber, soluble as well as insoluble which may contribute to the reduction of cholesterol. In another Australian study, the diet having gram flour helps in lowering the bad cholesterol as compared to the diet which has wheat.

Another Australian study reported that gram flour has a high fiber content as well as polyunsaturated fatty acid. They may even help them in lowering the levels of cholesterol. A Chinese study also links consumption of Gram Flour to different beneficial effects on the levels of serum cholesterol. The consumption of Gram Flour not just lowers the level of bad cholesterol, but it also increases the level of good cholesterol.

2} Gram Flour Helps in Controlling Diabetes

Several studies suggest that consumption of legumes alone especially chickpeas may help in improving the health of people suffering from diabetes. By simply including those in the diet can help in preventing diabetes and other diseases related to heart ailments. More importantly, the legumes were first class foods which were recognized to have a very low value of GI.

According to the American Diabetes Association, Gram Flour can be considered to be a diabetic superfood. The reports by Harvard Medical School states that gram flour has a GI value of more than 10, which is a very low number. That is why you should always go for dry chickpeas in your diet and not the canned ones. As canned chickpeas are mainly preserved in the saturated water along with salt and it may help in increasing the GI to up to 38.

Since gram flour contains fiber, there’s another advantage and that is that fiber helps in slowing down the absorption of the level of blood sugar and may also help in reducing risks related to Type-2 diabetes. And fiber also helps in keeping the appetite under control helping in preventing diabetes-related obesity. So, these are some wonderful health benefits of gram flour.

3} Good for Skin

Gram Flour is a common ingredient used in all face packs and it is considered to be extremely beneficial for the skin. Gram Flour has a firming effect on the skin and makes it look fresh and young

Be it as a food or a cosmetic ingredient, gram flour has a number of benefits that help us in our day to day life. So, incorporate gram flour into your regular lifestyle and reaps its benefits.