How to Measure Bra Size in Easy Ways?


The bra is a beautiful yet necessary garment for a lady. Wearing a bra keeps your breasts in a nice shape and prevents the sagging. It enhances the looks of any outfits. There are many kinds of bras available today in the market starting from padded to strapless. From cotton to silk, many companies are coming in different styles of trendy bras which are good for any dresses such as tops, gowns, traditional dresses, and others.

While buying a bra, it is quite difficult to choose bras according to the sizes as all of them have different sizes. If you have doubts regarding your Measure Bra Size while purchasing a specific bra, you can read below.

Bra Size

Steps for measuring bra size

  • Get the band size

The first step while measuring bra size is to take the measurement of the bottom beneath your bust. If you are choosing a simple or non-padded bra to wear, it is important to measure the bottom. While measuring, you should take the measuring tape which is very accurate.

You have to make the round off of the nearest whole number. If you get the even number while measuring, you should add 4 inches and if you get an odd number, you should add 5 inches. For example, if you get 30 inches, the band size becomes 34. And if you get 31 inches, the band size will be 36 inches.

  • Measure your chest

The next step is to take the tape and measure the whole part of the chest including the nipple level. You should then make the round off of the nearest whole number. One of the most important points you should keep in mind at this stage is that you should hold the measuring tape loosely which will help you to get a comfortable bra size while purchasing.

  • Calculation of Cup size

The last step is to subtract the band size from bust measurement and then you can see it in the chart. For example, if your bust measurement is 35 and band size is 32, 35-32=3, it means your cup size is C. The correct bra size is 32C.

How to Measure Bra Size

How to check whether the bra is of the wrong size?

Many a time, we feel uncomfortable because of wearing a wrong bra. There are some signs which denote that you are wearing a wrong bra. They are as follows:

  • While wearing a bra, the cups may slip off the breasts.
  • The cups may get folds or linings when you wear the bra on a dress.
  • The straps of the bra may fall off the shoulders.
  • When you lift your arms, the bra rises up.

How to know that the bra has correct fitting?

You can know the correct bra size in the following 4 areas which are as under:

  • Band

The band is one of the most convenient types of bras to wear. It should be of exact measurement and not tight on the body. There must be a gap of one finger between the body and the bra band.

A new bra should be comfortable enough to wear even with the loosest hooks. The band should not move up. When you notice the big gaps at the bottom of the caps and if you feel the band is very loose, you should buy a new bra.

  • Straps

You should choose adjustable straps to get the Measure Bra Size. With use and time, the elastic in the straps start to loosen and you will get the exact size after wearing a bra several times. In many bras, the straps may slip which means you are wearing the wrong bra. In this case, you should try the bras with convertible straps.

  • Cups

The cups should look full. If you feel that the cups are empty, you should wear a small sized bra. If there is a spillage on the sides of the bra, you should go for a large sized bra. In case of an underwire bra, the wire should not cause the itching feel to the chest.

  • Center Gore

The bra should be flat on the chest without a gap of a single finger.

Best bra brands you can try

The bra size largely depends on the brands you select for the bras. You should select the following brands for correct bras.

  • Hanes and Maidenform

For the women who have a small chest, this brand serves the purpose well. You can get a perfect bra size under the Hanes brand from 34A to 40DD. In the case of Maidenform bras, you can get various patterns, shapes, designs, and colors. There is a wide range of push up and t-shirt bras in this brand which you can get at affordable prices.

  • Playtex 18

The bras of Playtex 18 are one of the most comfortable to wear. The one who wants a large sized bra can go for this brand. Playtex 18 offers Measure Bra Size in all the kinds of bras. It has a vast variety of sports and nursing bras with beautiful designs and colors.

  • Champion

This brand offers different kinds of sports bras which you can wear in the gym or while running, jogging or walking. These bras have good support which will keep you active while doing workouts.

  • JMS

The next on the list is JMS brand which offers bra size up to 52DD. The support and comfort of these bras are amazing. The bras of JMS have good fitting and there are also underwire bras available in this brand now at reasonable prices.

Final words

There are many other factors affecting Measure Bra Size such as pregnancy, weight loss or gain, age, exercise or routine. So, it is necessary to measure bra size every year. This will further help you while purchasing small sized or big sized bras from the market.

Correct bra size is an important factor contributing in the perfect shape of breasts.