Longan Fruit and its Amazing Benefits


Longan Fruit, a kind of berry that’s typically related to lychee has been used as the medicinal herb to strengthen bones by stimulating osteoblasts; also it can help you fight against chronic diseases and treats neurological disorders. Plus, this fruit can also give you an energy boost by detoxifying your body from toxins.

Longan Fruit

In Chinese medicine, Longan Fruit called as “Dragon Eye”, but don’t worry, the fruit not at all dangerous. This tropical fruit looks like lychee and it offers numerous health benefits for you!

Want healthier and strengthen bones? Longan Fruit can help you!  The juicy extract of this fruit can stimulate osteoblast, the cells responsible for strengthening bones. And also, it helps women during menopause stage and aging women who are at risk for bone loss. Enriched with high levels of polyphenols, this fruit eliminates stress-causing hormones and detoxifies other toxic substances that cause cancer. Therefore, consuming Longan Fruit may the effective treatment that can inhibit breast, liver, and lung cancer-causing cells.

In traditional medicine, Longan Fruit extract has used to treat and cure a cold, cough and flu symptoms. Filled with high potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Longan Fruit extract has used for the preparation of many dietary supplements and also medicines.

This juicy extract well-known for treating Anemia, i.e. iron deficiency! Per ounce of dried Longan may contain 1.5mg of Iron, so it would be the better choice for boosting the platelet count and hemoglobin levels.

Even though, this fruit has heavenly taste and numerous benefits, could there be any drawbacks of eating Longan Fruit? No side effects reported against the use of this fruit, but there may be the little possibility of being allergic to this fruit. To be noted the chances of getting side effects super low and very rare.

But the main concern that stands out–Diabetic patients refrained to consume Longan Fruit; as it might increases the blood sugar level drastically.

Also, if you’re looking for the right food source to rope in all the vitamins and minerals, Longan Fruit may be the right choice to add to your diet!