Magnesium Stearate- Is it Harm or Harmless?


Magnesium Stearate – This is one of the most common and widest used additives in drugs and health supplements today. Commonly referred by different names such as “Vegetable Stearate” or Steric Acid”, it’s available virtually everywhere and in all health products. Nowadays, Magnesium Stearate has been used as the active ingredient while forming tablets and capsules, because it acts as a lubricant or flowing agent. And it helps speed up the manufacturing process and prevents the ingredient from sticking to the manufacturing unit.

Magnesium Stearate

Not only it helps in the manufacturing process, but also it makes the capsule easier to swallow and move down the gastrointestinal tract. Health supplements formulated with just a minuscule amount of Magnesium Stearate helps in enhancing the therapeutic effect of the supplement and paves the better path for your body to enhance drug absorption and solubility.

The most common criticism is that this Magnesium Stearate is often derived from cottonseed oil and it can be contaminated with pesticides. But it’s really a MYTH! Just remind that this stearate is highly purified and undergone several refining process before adding as an additive in supplements.

Overall, still, now we didn’t found any scientific evidence to substantiate the claims against magnesium stearate. Adding Magnesium Stearate helps in the consistency and the flow of capsules. It’s possible to manufacture capsules and pills without Magnesium Stearate, but in such cases, it’s more difficult to guarantee the consistency and quality of those capsules.

Even though the addition of Magnesium Stearate is approved by FDA, there are few unwanted side effects which are expected to be encountered if you exceed the recommended dosage level. It has been stated that the amounts below 2,500 milligrams (mg) per kilogram per day is considered safe for consumption.

Don’t believe the things you read on the internet as truth! Always book a consultation with your doctor before you start consuming Magnesium Stearate; as your doctor can help you learn about the benefits and risks of adding a new supplement or medication to your routine.


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