PUBG Tips And Tricks: Beginners Tips, Stay Alive Till End


Game developers have been eager to unveil some of the other features in each game. After Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, it is PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) which is the most popular fight game these days. Developed by PUBG Corporation, this is an online game which can be played maximum by 100 players. It is an interesting battle which will keep you alert till the end. In this game, self-defense is the sole motto for each player. Managing the toughest challenges and using the robust weapons, you have to land on the safe place at the end of the game.

It can be played on Android and iOS devices, Xbox One and PC/laptops. The graphics, visual effects, sound, background, weapons, and characters are exceptionally well. Even the gameplay is unique in itself with modernized techniques. The islands in different modes of the game are beautiful. The game has many difficult levels which make it more exciting with new resources. Further, we will discuss the gameplay of PUBG, features, and various tips and tricks of PUBG which will help you to remain alive till the end of the game.

The plot of the game

The gameplay of PUBG is basically a large battle including 100 players. There are 2 options to fight the battle. You can either fight solo or make a team of 4 people. The player who is alive in the end is the winner in the game.

PUBG has 8.8 km map area. On each level, the area to land differs for the players. Moreover, each player has to find a safe place to land. The game has various options for clothing. You will get many risky places throughout the game such as ghost cities, high buildings, and other places.

The players have to gather the armor and weapons from this place for the fight. You may get looted or killed even if one step goes wrong. At every second, you have to pay attention to the map area as it gets smaller and smaller gradually.

The dangers in the game are denoted by the red color. The players have to then move to a safer place for protecting themselves. Each player has to protect itself from the loot package. The game also has currency to purchase further the weapons and fashion accessories.

Features of the Game

  • Multiplayer Game

PUBG is a multiplayer game which can be played by 100 people. It is one of the most interesting games which you can play with your best friends. There are also many players from other parts of the world with whom you can enter in a fight. It is a good game for in you idle times.

  • Superb graphics

The game has amazing 3D effects and sound. The places and the background are awesome. You will get the real game experience while playing PUBG game on PC and Android devices. The beautiful HD map adds more to the gaming experience. The game also has amazing sound at each level. It will give more thrilling feel when you do various activities.

  • Latest weapons

PUBG has some of the latest weapons and armors such as melee weapons, firearms, and others. You can kill or injure the enemies at several levels to win in the battle. The strong weapons will kill the enemies at once. However, there are many weapons which you can select.

  • Supports many platforms

PUBG is one of the most famous games which you can play on any Android devices such as phones, tablets, Book or notepad. It also supports various iOS devices, Xbox One, and PC/laptops. However, there are different features in PUBG mobile game and other versions. PUBG tips and tricks also differ from device to device.

  • Currency

The currency is given to the players who kill many enemies or injure them. You will get more currency by clearing maximum levels, then use this currency to buy the clothes and accessories for your character. You can also upgrade your character and purchase new weapons to kill your rivals in the game.

  • Nice game environment

At each level of PUBG, the locations and places are impressive. Developers have added made the places more beautiful by showing the natural scenes. This will give a more pleasant gaming experience while playing. Further, the game has mechanisms by which cheaters cannot get a chance to play. The developers have made an environment ideal for real game lovers.

  • Make a team

PUBG is a game of 100 players. You can choose to fight alone or create a team of 4 players. The fight will be more fascinating with friends and you can also share some important tips and tricks of PUBG. You can make a team either with your best buddies or friends from different countries of the globe.

In this game, you can build a strategy at each level by discussing with your friends. Additionally, it is more an exciting thing to share the secrets of the war and the ways to confront the challenges. You can also do a voice chat for discussing the game plans in detail.

  • Pick a vehicle

There are various vehicles in the game such as boats, trucks, cars, and motorcycles which the players can choose according to their convenience. You can harm your enemies on the battlefield or engage in a race with them. You can choose the vehicles which will help to escape during the difficult times.

  • Clothing and accessories

You can customize the costumes for your character. There are many outfits available in the game which you can choose for your character. In addition to that, you can also choose the weapons and armors of your choice to involve some violence in the battle. If you want some more options, you have to earn currency by killing all your enemies and injuring them at each level.

Various tips and tricks of PUBG

PUBG is more amazing if you know the real tips and tricks to protect yourself in the game. If you want to remain alive at the end of the game, you should follow the undermentioned tips and tricks of PUBG.

  1. Loot as much as you can

PUBG is basically a battle game where you have to loot your enemies to survive till the end. One of the best tips and tricks of PUBG is to start massive loot after landing in a safe place. As a player, you should always be equipped with some or other weapons in all the stages. You can get a gun or rifle for killing your enemies. You should never proceed in the game without weapons. A single weapon will also do the job at the last minute.

  1. Remove the shoes

Before starting the game, you should take off the shoes. There is not much difference in wearing the shoes and taking them off. But there are certain rough surfaces in the game where you can slip in shoes. So, one of the best tips and tricks of PUBG is to remove the shoes before heading towards the battlefield.

  1. Rules of doors

The game has many doors from the starting level. Normally, the doors are closed at the start of the game. But there are certain things which you should take care of. When you see a door open anytime in the game, it means someone is there to attack you and so in that case, you should divert to another direction. One of the important things to do in the game is never to leave any door open in the game as it will alert your enemies and they will kill you anytime.

  1. Choose a building

Before landing at any place, you must see a safe place. While choosing a building, you should remember that it may be full of people who want to attempt to loot you. So, it is also a good place for you to loot the rivals. To win in this game, it is the best tip to choose the place which no other player chooses. It will be safer and you can find a way to escape from the opponents.

  1. Don’t run in open space

When the map area begins to get smaller, one has to escape from there and land in a safe area. Hiding is one of the best tips and tricks of PUBG which you should try. You can hide behind the trees or bushes to protect yourself from enemies. Another important point which you should pay attention to this game is to avoid running in the open fields.

You are more vulnerable to enemies if you choose the open spaces to run in the game. But in case, there is no other option than to run in the open field, you should have the maximum speed to escape. This will not give your enemies a chance to attack you.

  1. Call the numbers for directions

When playing in a team, you should say the numbers and the names of the directions such as East, west, north, and south. This will further help you in searching your team members easily and even you are lost in a middle way, you can call the numbers for help from a friend.

  1. Voice chat

You can discuss the strategies of the game with your friends with the help of voice chats. But do not forget to make it private otherwise your enemies may get the tips and tricks used by you. Private voice chat will keep all conversations in a safe way from your enemies and this will increase the confidence of your team more.

  1. Don’t run for Crates

The plane puts the crates in the game and then the red smoke arises at some levels. Normally, the players run when they see a parachute landing on the ground. If you are too doing the same, you should take care of certain points. When you are running on seeing the red smoke, make sure there are no other players around you to attack.

You can apply another good trick in this situation. As soon you see the plane landing on the ground, you should make a plan of attack on the person who is flying the parachute. You should forcibly take that place and defend yourself from various rivals.

  1. Find the Necessary Accessories

One of the best tips and tricks of PUBG is to search for the things which are important to survive in the game till the end. They include a backpack, helmet, assault rifles, a bulletproof vest, and first aid box. These things will give protection from head to toe in all the levels of the game.

10. Firing

A bullet should be fired from a perfect place to get an aim. If you are using assault rifles or bullets, you should choose a place like a hill. You can take your vehicle behind the hill and aim it from that. You will get a perfect shot and the enemies will be killed in no time.

  1. Don’t fire from long distances

One of the most effective tips and tricks of PUBG is to shoot the rivals within the range. Firing from the farthest distance will reveal your location to other enemies and they may attack you anytime. So, the best thing is to have a watch on your enemy and when he enters into the range, you can just shoot.

  1. Shoot in the back of enemies

When you land on the buildings, make sure that you loot first. You should kill all the people who come in between the buildings. This will make your work simpler. One of the best things is to shoot the enemies from behind and it is a speedy manner to clear the buildings.

  1. Choose friends to make the team

PUBG is more entertaining if you play in teams. You can play it with your siblings or friends for more fun. You can play it in a duo or a team of 4 members. Your friends may protect you from being killed and you can frame some new plans to knock down the enemies. There is also an auto-fill option which will connect you to the strangers and the game will turn more fascinating than before.

  1. Kill the Dangerous Enemies

This battle includes 100 fighters on the field. One of the most amazing tips and tricks of PUBG is to first kill the enemies who can attack you severely. If you are fighting against many rivals, you should first defeat the ones who can harm you in the game. This will further make your way easier and better.

  1. Drive Silently

The game has multiple vehicles to fight in a battle such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles. They can run at a great speed and also cover large distances. Additionally, these vehicles also make a lot of sounds by which your enemy can know your location. So, it is necessary to drive the vehicles without making the sound. This will not keep your location hidden from all the enemies and you can continue your mission.

  1. Protect the Vehicle

Vehicles are important tools in the battle. While driving the vehicle, you should see the places where you take it. Don’t let your vehicles slip down from the hills. If they slip down, they can also explode and you will be helpless in the game. When you see a sloping area or a hill, you can park your vehicle on either side of the road for protecting it. If your vehicle gets crashed by some force, you should go away from it quickly.

  1. Selection of Helmets and Snipers

Before playing each level of PUBG, it is necessary to choose the helmets which will give you protection. Picking a level 2 or level 3 helmets will kill you on the spot. On the other hand, you should pick the snipers which will kill all the opponents instantly. When you pick a good sniper, you save much of your time in the fight and it will also kill enemies quickly.

  1. Matter of Luck

PUBG also includes some percentage of luck. It starts from the first level itself when you land with your parachute. If you are lucky, the area will have good weapons by which you can kill all your opponents on the spot. When the map area is shrinking, you should find some or the other way for escaping.

It is important to find a way out of that circle before it closes and if you are lucky, you will one in the game.

  1. Keep Moving

This is one of the most important tips and tricks of PUBG. You may get killed at any level of this game. So, it is advisable to keep moving little by little throughout the game. By doing this, none of your enemies will catch you or aim bullet at you. You can always find a way to save yourself by moving every now and then in PUBG.

  1. Avoid Bridges as much as Possible

There are many bridges which come on the way to win the game. You may find it an easy way to go into the safe zone. But it is not so. Bridges are unsafe means as there may be enemies who are ready to shoot you. Instead of that, you can swim the river or take a boat and ride it to reach a particular safe zone.

  1. Use Vehicle’s Handbrake

If you see a dangerous slope ahead, you can use handbrake which will stop your vehicle. You can then turn to another direction for safety purpose. You can also cause damage to the vehicle of your enemies.

  1. Jumping

You can also jump from one roof to another for escape. With the help of crouch-jumping, you can even jump on railings or other higher leveled areas. When the enemies are running after you for killing you, you can run on different roofs and then land on the safety zone and prepare a strategy to attack them as well.

  1. Bandages and first aid kits

As a fighter, you may get hurt and wounded several times. You should always have bandages and first aid kits with you before going for a battle. You must use bandages in safer zones and they can heal small wounds. Try to save the first aid boxes for the upper levels as those are more difficult levels and you may get severe injuries.

  1. Hiding Technique

One of the most amazing PUBG tips and tricks is to hide behind a place where no one can spot you easily. You can pick a boat and get down on a place such as a cliff where there are not many players. Do not forget to take a normal quantity of fuel with you as it the boat will need it to run.

  1. Fight with your hands

There are numerous weapons in PUBG game but some may choose to fight just with hands. If a player fights with you with his hands, you should also do the same. You can hit him in the head and win in the game finally.

  1. Escape from the huts

Many players choose the wooden huts to hide from enemies. If you are the one among them, keep in mind certain tips. If you wait there in the hut, you may get killed instantly. Instead of that, you should attack the enemies with a gun and shoot them quickly as it is the only way out to protect you.


These are the best tips and tricks of PUBG who have already played this superb game on their various devices. Follow these useful tips and protect yourself from a gang of enemies which will attack you at every stage of the game.

PUBG is not just a game but a lesson which teaches you to confront difficult situations without fear.