South Beach Diet Plan To Get Zero Size Figure Without Side Effects


You might think that the key to losing weight quickly to changing your daily diet by cutting the intake of high calorie food, carbohydrates and fats from your diet. But it’s a MYTH!  Yes, to lose weight drastically it’s important to learn – how to choose the right carbs and the rights fats. For this, it’s recommended to follow the diet recipes mentioned in South Beach Diet Program. This is part of a three-step program Agatston developed to help his heart patients lose weight and lower cholesterol.

What is South Beach Diet Program?

Combined with the complete lists of foods that are loaded with fiber and nutrients, the South Beach Diet is designed to help you to kick your cravings and jump-start your weight loss and keep those unwanted pounds off from your body.

The diet program is expected to be effective in changing the way you look and feel. After you start following this diet program, you can expect to lose between 8 and 13 pounds, Agatston says.

Many health experts also suggest that this diet program will do a magic in your health and weight. And it doesn’t pose any side effects or harmful reactions.

Does It Work?

Yes! It seems that this diet program is a healthy approach as it helps you to shed down those unwanted extra fat stored in your body.

This diet program is comprised of three phases: The phase is more restrictive with no bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, or fruit.

In Phase 2, you can add back in some of the carb rich foods. And once you move into Phase 3 when you hit your goal weight, and enjoy the shape you deserve.        

List of Foods You Can Eat and You Can’t

The diet you can follow is purely based on the phase you’re in:

  • The phase 1 strictly restricts the follow diet, i.e.
  • Protein rich foods such as: seafood, poultry, beef, cheese and eggs
  • Fat rich sources including canola oil, extra-virgin olive oil, and avocado
  • Also, avoid carbs with the lowest glycemic index value, i.e. vegetables including broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, and eggplant

While you enter into the phase 2, you can slowly introduce carbs into your diet – fruit, whole-grain bread, whole-grain rice and sweet potatoes. During this phase, you might notice a significant weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Phase 3 is solely for maintaining your weight. There’s no specific diet to follow. But you need to follow the phase 2 diet along with few exercises to maintain long lasting results.

Is It Good for All Health Conditions?

Yes, obviously! Losing weight can improve many health conditions and it is claimed to be safe to consume for people with type-2 diabetes, cardio diseases, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

In case, if you feel any discomfort in maintaining this health diet, consult with your healthcare provider.

Final Verdict on South Beach Diet

The theme behind the aim of South Beach Diet relies on the result-oriented ways to lose weight: eating smart carbs, healthy fats, protein, low fat dairy, and plenty of fiber to keep hunger at bay.

So, if you’re looking to get more information regarding this, visit the official website!