Best Crazy Tips for Nail Care to Have Healthy Nails


Healthy nails are the first sign of good health. Besides applying nail polish or doing manicure, it is important to take care of the nails in a natural way. Every day, we work at the office and also do various activities at home which gather much dirt in the nails. Even the pollution and dust particles are some reasons for dirty nails. If the nails are not cleaned regularly, they may make your body sick. Dirty nails also give an awful look at the office or wherever we go.

tips for nail

There are some best tips for nail care which you should keep in mind always. These tips may help in getting beautiful nails.

  1. No biting the nails

Many people have a bad habit of chewing their nails. This habit spoils the look of the nails. It damages the nail structure and results in brittle nails. Continuously biting the nails will make the entry for the germs in the body. If you have the habit of biting nails, you can put a concentrated nail polish on the nails which will help you leave this habit.

  1. Cleaning the nails completely

One of the best tips for nail care is to clean the nails regularly. The skin around the nails should be rubbed with a scrub. This will remove the dirt and dead skin if any. Firstly, you should remove the nail polish from your nails with acetone or good nail remover. Secondly, you should avoid using harsh chemicals on nails for removing dirt.

  1. Trimming the nails

You should trim your nails once in a week. It is advisable to clip the nails every few days. This will further give better shape to the nails and also keep them clean. Trimming the nails is one of the best tips for nail care you should follow. You can then give a round or square shape as you like.

  1. Avoid scraping off the nail polish

Due to lack of time, we often scrape off the nail polish from the nails. It further makes the area of the nails rough. One of the best tips for nail care is to apply 2 thin coats of nail polish on the nails. This will prevent the scraping or chipping off the nail polish. Moreover, you should use nail polish remover tissues.

  1. Don’t cut the cuticles

You should avoid cutting the cuticles. They are the main parts which provide the layer of protection to the nails. Cutting cuticles will gather bacteria and dirt in the nails. This will further cause infection in the nails. Some of the best tips for nail care are pushing back the cuticles and massaging them with cuticle cream.

  1. Wear gloves

Being a female, we all have to do thousands of household chores in the home. You have to use detergent or other solutions having toxic chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to the nails. You should get a pair of gloves to wear at home while doing any task. The gloves will keep your hands neat and clean.

  1. Use base coat

While applying the nail polish, you should first put base coat. This will give a classy look to your nails after applying further coats of nail polish. One of the best tips for nail care is to apply a coat of clear gloss which gives a radiant look to the nails. Further, gloss also gives protection to the nails.

  1. Moisturize the nails

Keeping the nails hydrated all the time will prevent them from dryness. The nails may break easily with some external force or over clipping them. You should apply a good quality moisturizer to strengthen the nails. Further, you can also choose moisturizing oils and cuticle oil for making the nails soft and give them shine.

  1. Keep nails short

We all love long nails but they also break easily. If you also get the damage and breakage of nails often, you should keep the nails short in length. You can further give a round shape which looks attractive while applying the dark or light shade nail polishes. Moreover, short nails also look cleaner and neater.

  1. Use superior quality nail paints 

One of the best tips for nail care is to choose a good quality of nail paint while applying on the nails. You should avoid the ones having paraben and sulfate as they damage the skin around the nails in a severe manner. You should purchase the nail paints which do not have chemicals or toxic solutions. Choosing eco-friendly nail paints will further give your healthy nails.

  1. Wash and clean nail tools regularly 

You should clean the nail tools once a week with nice quality soap and water. You can also use alcohol to clean metal tools. Apart from that, you should replace some tools such as emery boards with the new ones. Washing, cleaning and replacing the nail tools will protect your nails from breakage and dryness.

  1. Salt works on nails 

For cleaning the nails, you should soak them in a bowl of salt water for 10 minutes. You can then dry them with a clean towel. This is one the best tips for nail care which you do once in a week. Salt water will not just clean the nails completely but also provide nourishment to them. Moreover, it also protects the nails from getting brittle.

  1. Use nail strengthening treatments

For making the nails stronger and healthier, you should choose the conditioners which have CF formulas. They contain elements which are essential for good nails. The conditioners further keep the nails hydrated and soft.

These are the best tips for nail care which you should regularly. Nails enhance the beauty of hands and so, you should take care of your nails much. The dirty nails give an ugly look to the hand as well as cause harm to the body. Get the beautiful, soft and healthy nails by following the above tips.