New Reporting Layout of WhatsApp for Android Users


Messaging apps are available in limitless number. But, WhatsApp remains the best ever free messaging app because of its beautiful features and easy to use. There are constantly many changes coming in WhatsApp every now and then. From video calls to blue ticks, it is now the time of revamped layout for Android devices.

WhatsApp for Android

Summary of New Layout

The new layout has something unique form the previous versions. In the revamped layout for Android devices, you can now save the chat history with any individual or group.

Normally, while talking on WhatsApp with a friend or a group of friends, if you exit the group, you won’t be able to see the chat history then. Contrary to that, this feature of WhatsApp for Android devices has an alert box which will tell you to block a person or exit the group.

However, you can still read the chatting history even after exiting from a particular group. This feature was not available in the previous version. This feature will help you in keeping the important feature even after blocking a certain person or existing from a group. The new feature on WhatsApp for Android aims to protect the users from span numbers.

The idea of New Layout and Steps to Use the Feature

This idea is by WABetaInfo and it has been a successful attempt on WhatsApp for Android devices. You have to visit the group or individual chat for reporting. For reporting the individual, you have to click on three dots menu and tap on view contact option. Then click the report.

Similarly, if you want to report the group, you need to click on the three-dot menu which is on the right side at the top. Then click on the option of view group info and select report. If some person who is not on your contact list sends you the message, WhatsApp will show you the Block option.

Latest Feature of WhatsApp

You can check this new feature on WhatsApp beta programme on Google Play. Remember, you can only report on the individuals whose numbers are on your contact list.

Purpose of The New Feature

It seems that WhatsApp introduced this new feature for giving an option to the user for either keeping the chat history or deleting it. The revamped layout for Android devices will actually provide benefits to the users.

You can now save the history of chats which you had with individuals or a group of friends. Even if you block a person or exit from a group, you will still have the chat history. You can also save images, videos or GIFs in the chats.

Final Words

A slightly different from earlier layouts of WhatsApp, the revamped layout for Android devices is a good one. It will give you an option to retain the chat history even after blocking a person. This feature will ensure safety and you can block the contacts which are not on your contact list.

But still, it is a matter of discussion and there are modifications likely to come before finalizing this feature. Similarly, WhatsApp is also introducing some new features such as testing picture-in-picture video mode. This feature is also applicable on YouTube and Instagram. The users are waiting for reporting feature on WhatsApp for Android devices.