X1 UltraCarCam 2.0 DVR Car Camera- Review, Price, Benefits


Car is the dream of every common person in the current times. It is a good transport facility one should use to reach office, home or other places. The cases of car accidents are very common in the recent times. Some cases are caught in the CCTV cameras while some others are never solved by the police. A dash camera can be a very useful accessory for your car.

X1 UltraCarCam 2.0 is a good product you can use for saving your car from road accidents. It records everything which happens in your car.

How is it made?

This dash car camera is made from best quality materials. These materials are checked by good technicians and engineers. Further, X1 UltraCarCam 2.0 can work in all climatic conditions. They are durable and lightweight as well.

X1 UltraCarCam 2.0

Benefits of X1 UltraCarCam 2.0

  • HD Style

This dash car camera records all the activities in HD mode. It offers a video resolution of 1080p/60fps. Further, X1 UltraCarCam 2.0 can act as proof when other vehicles try to hit your car. It gives you crystal clear images and videos of everything happening on the road.

  • Simple Installation

You can easily install X1 UltraCarCam 2.0 in your car with the help of the manual guide. All you have to do is to fit the dash camera in the car’s cigarette socket and allow it to record all the events going on the roads. The installation of this camera does not need expertise or specialization.

  • Big size Memory

The memory of this dash camera can be easily expendable up to 64GB to record more events of the roads. Furthermore, you can take many beautiful photos of nature spots, animals and fields.

  • Evidence

Reckless drivers can hit your car anytime on the road or even in the parking lot. With the help of X1 UltraCarCam 2.0 dash camera, you can know how your car was damaged. You can then file a complaint against the driver who damaged your car on the roads.


  1. I am Andrew from New York. I love traveling by car with my friends and family members. During trips, I love to capture photos of stunning nature, fields, waterfalls and wild animals. I came to know about X1 UltraCarCam 24 dash camera from the internet. It gives beautiful photos with HD picture quality. I also record videos in high resolution with this camera. 
  1. I am Richard from Arizona. A few months back, I purchased a new car. Soon after, it was hit by one of the most reckless drivers. Due to lack of evidence, the cunning driver escaped damaging my new car. Then I read the reviews of X1 UltraCarCam 2.0 dash camera and decided to order it. Now, I feel safe in parking my car on roadsides and in parking lots. This camera records every activity perfectly.

Reviews of the customers

Many car owners ordered X1 UltraCarCam 2.0 dash camera. They feel safe and relaxed while parking cars on the roads. Some customers say this camera records everything in a precise manner. Further, many people say this camera helps in taking elegant photos of nature spots and waterfalls. It has been a useful car accessory for many car owners.

Where to buy this product from?

You can purchase X1 UltraCarCam 2.0 dash camera only from the official site. Firstly, you have to fill up the online form and enter all the necessary details in it. You have to then select the deal and make the payment either by cash or credit card.

You can now feel mentally relaxed for your car with all new X1 UltraCarCam 2.0 dash camera.