Apple to Arrive with the Latest iPhones with Superb Features and Specifications


Apple announcing the launch of new iPhones is big news for Apple fans. From last few years, iPhones have become the first choice in Indian markets. What is that one thing which attracts the consumers to buy Apple products? It may be a good quality camera, superior sound or anything else? The company generally follows the system of manufacturing iPhones having somewhat similar features such as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

apple new launch

Apple is now coming with new iPhones which have amazing features and functions. Let us discuss the features and specifications of those phones.

Release Date, Features, and Specifications

On 12th September, Apple is launching 3 new iPhones which are iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. There were certain discussions regarding the names of the phones being launched by the company.

According to one of the sources, these iPhones will have OLED and LCD screens having the display of 5.8 inches to 6.5-inch. They will include Face ID but there are not 3D touch and dual camera lenses. All the 3 of them will have the notch button.

Some features in these 3 models are similar to iPhone X. They will come in 2 different sizes. The golden version of the phone is likely to come in these new iPhones.

Further, they have bezel-free design and no Home button. Facetime camera and facial recognition sensors are likely to introduce on these iPhone handsets. Additionally, the handsets include 3 screen protectors which are manufactured by case maker Olixar.

Some of the analysts gave the predictions that the notch will still get smaller in these new iPhones. Further, the sensors will be placed between pixels with the help of screen technology. They also predicted that there will be a combination of face recognition module and camera.

The body of these handsets will have a metal back. However, there is no wireless charging along with these models. Still, there are some of the sources stating there are wireless chargers.


The new iPhones arriving this month will have an array of colors such as yellow, pink and blue. This is good news for iPhone lovers who used the handsets in a few colors.

iPhone X plus will have the screen resolution of 2,688 x 1,242. It will also have landscape app design layouts similar to that in iPads. According to some sources, the company is planning to use MicroLED screens as well.

The reasons for using MicroLED screens are good brightness, low power consumption, higher efficiency, and high color saturation. There is also a rumor that new iPhones will have a curved screen. The reason is that OLED is easy to produce in curved forms.

Some more features and specifications

The new iPhones will have a fingerprint sensor for the safety of the device. This feature will help those who have small kids in their homes.

There are also rumors that Apple new launch is reducing the weight and thickness of the new handsets for more comfort. The feature of Apple Pencil support is likely to introduce. They will have the iOS 12 processor.

Further, the new models will come with 4GB RAM for more storage. The built-in storage will be 512GB. One of the new iPhones will have the option of dual SIMs. Apple will bring the Gigabit LTE/LTE advanced in the new models.

Further, the models will have 5G and “millimeter wave” wireless technology. Additionally, they will have 2850-2950 mAh batteries.

Final Words

Still, there are many amazing features coming in new iPhones such as interchangeable camera lenses, fast charger and much more. You will know all this with the launch of these models.