Latest iPhones with Different Features and Body Finally Arrive in the Market


The much-awaited trendy iPhones are finally introduced to the market. Before some months, there were many news and ads for iPhone X coming in the stores. The latest Apple phones have replaced iPhone X which are iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. The first two have almost similar features whereas iPhone XR is affordable in price.

All the 3 models have A12 Bionic CPU and first commercial 7nm processor. They are some of the best iPhones introduced so far. Let us further discuss the features and specifications of all the 3 models in detail.

Specifications of iPhone XS and XS Max

Both of these latest Apple phones come with an OLED HDR screen of 2 sizes, 5.8 inches, and 6.5 inches. The screen contains Super Retina displays. The size of the screen is quite bigger which will give you an amazing experience while watching movies or TV shows. The huge display is perfect for watching music videos.

iPhone XS Max

These handsets are available in 3 elegant colors, Space grey, gold, and silver. Both iPhone XS and XS Max come with dual cameras of 12-megapixel and telephone lenses. iPhones are popular for the beautiful selfies because of their powerful cameras.

These models have a front facing camera of 7-megapixel with portrait mode photos. These cameras will give you the most professional photos with clarity. They will also remove the flaws from the face and give you nice images for sharing on social media platforms.

iPhone XS and XS max have an A12 Bionic chip and the processor is speedy. These handsets come with storage options for 64GB, 128GB, and 512GB. Huge storage can save many files, folders, and documents. You can also store all your favorite movies, TV shows and music videos on these handsets.

They can also resist the water for about 30 minutes as they come with the feature of IP68. The battery of the iPhone XS lasts longer than iPhone X. In the 2nd model iPhone XS Max, the battery lasts 1.5 hours than iPhone X. so, it is proven that these models are best iPhones of all.

Features of iPhone XS and XS Max

Both the iPhones have the facility of the dual-SIM card. It further includes eSIM technology. So, it is the right choice for the youngsters, working groups and entrepreneurs those who want to use more than 1 SIM for their work purposes.

These are one of the best iPhones with Face ID which can protect the device from steal. This feature will further give you a safety from going it in the wrong hands. Face ID also unlocks the phone faster.

iPhone XS

These handsets come with 3D Touch pressure-sensitive screen. You can enjoy listening to all your favorite songs in the stereo sound with the wide stereo field. These handsets work on iOS 12 software.

The cameras of both iPhone XS and XS Max detect the faces and bodies. They also contain red-eye reduction. If you want to take photos in a shadow, the smart HDR feature will give you the professional photos. Further, it will also identify the highlights easily in the photos.

There is a bokeh effect in the cameras of these latest Apple phones which controls the blur in the photos. There is also a slider which does all the editing in the photos.

Specifications of iPhone XR

A cheaper phone and one of the best iPhones, iPhone XR has some unique features and specifications. It comes with large LCD screen of 6.1 inches with 1,792×828-pixel resolution and 326ppi. This model consists of the retina display.

The model has a body made from aluminum and back of the glass. You will feel great to hold this phone and it also comfortable while talking. Unlike the earlier 2 models, this handset has an only a single camera of 12-megapixel wide-angle lens. It comes with OIS.

iPhone XR comes has storage of 64GB, 128GB,and 256GB. Whether it is your office file or folder, you can easily store them on your phone. Further, it can also store big sized videos, movies, and TV shows. It can also take professional photos in portrait mode.

iPhone XR

This phone includes Face ID for safety and protection. This feature will protect the phone from outsiders or unknown people at office, gym or college or any other public place. It further has a True-depth camera system.

iPhone XR is one of the latest Apple phones which includes A12 Bionic chip similar to earlier models. The battery of this handset works for 1.5 hours more than that of iPhone 8 Plus. Further, it comes with IP67 water resistance feature. So, you need not have to worry about your phone during the rainy season or when you are at the swimming club.

There are some features of iPhone XR which are different from the earlier two. This model does not include 3D Touch but it does have a haptic touch which is similar to the trackpad. The model runs on iOS 12 software.

Additionally, there are 6 unique colors available in this model, Coral (pink), product red, yellow, white, black and blue. It is the first time that Apple introduced some really beautiful colors in iPhones.

The weight of iPhone XR is 194gms.

Some more features of iPhone X, XS Max, and iPhone XR

These latest Apple phones come with wireless charging, Lighting connector and Animoji. They can record the videos up to 4K. These handsets are lightweight and you can keep them anywhere with ease.

Where to buy from?

iPhone XS and XS Max are now available for pre-order and they will officially be sold in the market on 21st September. Further, iPhone XR is available for pre-order on 19th October and the shipping begins on 26th October.

Final words

These latest Apple phones have good features such as stereo sound and nice cameras. Moreover, they are available in various colors which are an added benefit for iPhone users who expected some new colors in iPhones.