How Do Astragalus Roots Work for Your Health?


For over 2000 years, Astragalus roots have been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine due to its significant ability to restore your overall health – mentally, energetically and physically. A number of studies have shown that certain substances in Astragalus roots help to stimulate and enhance the effects of telomerase which have been positively linked to increasing longevity, anti-aging and DNA repair.    

Studies have shown that the regular use of Astragalus Roots leads to an increase in immunity power and disease-fighting antibodies. Consuming Astragalus Roots works well for those who are seeking to strengthen their immune system during cold and flu season.

Astragalus Roots has the positive calming effects and have more uplifting, rejuvenating and energizing properties. This also works well to reduce stress, anxiety level and promote your energy level and vitality.

Acting as an energizer, Astragalus Roots helps your body to stay active and energetic throughout the day. It is beneficial for those who tend to physically energetic and this is commonly used by consumers who wish to strengthen the legs and arms and people who work outdoors, especially in the cold region because of its warming nature.

Mostly used in traditional Chinese medicine, Astragalus Roots is said to support the protective and healing effects of lungs and heart. Consuming Astragalus Roots helps to prevent the hardening of arteries and buildup of plaque and improve overall cardio functions.

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