Extravagant Couture Collection of Suneet Varma Dazzled the Stage


Suneet Varma displayed his royal couture collection on Friday, 28th July in India Couture Week 2018. Collection of Suneet Varma clearly showcased the mixture of Indo-western culture.

With bright colored sarees such as hues, black, pink and grey, Suneet Varma once again proved that fashion is never outdated. Some of the sarees included a touch of modern and trendy designs.

Suneet Varma Collection
Collection of Suneet Varma
Naintara- an artistic collection

The name of the couture collection by Suneet Varma was “Naintara”. His aim was to showcase the trend in which the modern-day Indian women can dress decently in olden style costumes.

He chose specifically the lehengas and sarees to depict traditional India with designs of the modern era. The glittering sarees with sequins precisely showed the extraordinary work by the fashion designer.

With some European touch, Suneet Varma gave an elegant look to each of his lehengas and sarees. Some of the most vibrant colors such as gold, blues, yellow, silver, and black beautify the bridal wear.

Patterns of dresses by Suneet Varma

With swish fringes, swung sleeves, V-shaped necklines and hems, the bridal collection of Suneet Varma is suitable for every occasion. The sarees had large floral motifs, brocades, sequins, beautiful ruffles, shiny pearls and amazing mirror work.

Suneet Varma specially chose the shiny and glittering materials such as mirrors, pearls, and mirrors to make turn each of the sarees into a magnificent wear.

The dresses do not have only shimmery materials but also include transparencies, minute embroideries, metal fabrics and frilly flares. Suneet Varma applied the cross and lined patterns in the lehengas while the sarees had floral and triangular patterns.

Suneet Varma Collection
Collection of Suneet Varma

Jewelry and more

The models wore the long earrings which showcased the modern Indo-western look. The designs of the earrings included the touch of ancient India.

The hairstyles of all the models were typically high and low buns for a natural glimpse. The shiny hairbands gave a more beautiful look to all the hairstyles.

The lehengas had long drapes and trains which enhanced their appearance. With glittering to dark makeup, the models revealed the modern style.

All the lehengas had intricate designs woven in shimmering threads and artwork. They had a large volume to make every occasion a golden one. The idea of large volume in lehengas was used by Suneet Varma to depict the significance of traditional wear in Indian festivals and weddings.

An ideal collection for every occasion

The sleeves, necklines, and trails in each of the dress were so unique that the spectators never saw such an attractive collection before. Different and something latest, Suneet tried to bring the glance of contemporary culture.

The light and dark shades of sarees and lehengas made the evening more interesting with glittery works. Indian bridal wear specifically includes small mirror work, shiny pearls, fine embroideries and shining fabrics and this is the reason Suneet used these themes in lehengas and sarees.

Suneet Varma Collection

Final words

Collection of Suneet Varma:- The lehengas designed by Suneet Varma had thick, colorful and elegant borders with different patterns. There were light colored lehengas and dark colors as well as to suit each bride’s choice.

His aim was clearly to show the beauty of Indian women and not her attractiveness. The stunning bridal collection beautified India Couture Week 2018.

The gold, crimson, blue, black, almond, turquoise, pistachio, purple, lemon, tangerine and maroon colored lehengas dazzled the ramp fully. The beautiful bridal collection by Suneet Varma will impress ever bride who is going to marry this year. Naintara was completely a successful hit in India Couture Week 2018.