Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore In 2019


Digital marketing is becoming wider day by day. Search engine optimization and SEM techniques have changed their forms. They are not just confined to keywords and blogs today. With the development of the digital marketing field, the new methods have come into use. The companies have already switched from old methods of SEO to new ones such as artificial intelligence and chat rooms. These latest marketing trends will surely take your firm to a greater height of success. Let us discuss the best digital marketing trends of the year 2019 that you can also try for your business.

Digital Marketing Trends

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots are used by many companies in the present times. They give quick replies to the questions of queries of the customers. Besides that, the customers can ask every detail about the products and services of the company. Chatbots also show the buying history of the customers and never feel tired to answer. The industries such as banking, healthcare, travel and IT are taking the help of chatbots. These chatbots are more like personal assistants that will do all your work when you are busy.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The next on the list is artificial intelligence. It is an amazing way which connects the consumers with companies. The technique of artificial intelligence will assist the companies in knowing the behavior and likes of customers. It also helps the companies in getting the search patterns of the consumers. Through artificial intelligence, the companies can make use of blogs posts, keywords and articles focusing on the specific needs of the people. Moreover, AI is one of the most affordable digital marketing trends of this year.

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality will definitely help the companies to increase their sales. Through augmented reality, the companies can show create a real-world experience by the way of computer graphics, images, and sound. This will give a clear idea to the customers about the products and their features. The method of augmented reality is widely used by smartphone companies to explain the features of mobile phones. Through augmented reality, your brand will become more popular within a short period of time.

  1. Voice Search Method

Siri and Google assistants are doing more than 50% of our daily activities. Due to ease of use, the method of voice search is used by the companies too. Consumers can ask any questions to these assistants and get answers quickly. It is estimated that by the year 2020 and 2021, most of the companies would be using audio content and voice search techniques to market their products and services. Through this method, the companies will easily get the keywords that people search most of the time.

  1. Programmatic Advertising

This is one of the best digital marketing trends in the present year. It is somewhat like auction and bidding. This technique works well to increase conversations. People would like to bid for certain products due to less time. Furthermore, programmatic advertising gives faster results at low costs. Through auction and bidding, people will take more interest in making a purchase. Apart from that, programmatic advertising is an efficient way to focus on a targeted audience.

  1. Video Marketing

Who does not like to watch live videos? Consumers prefer videos to purchase products. Many of them say that videos boost their confidence in making online purchases. Video marketing leads to an increase in conversation. In a survey, it is found out that more than 60% of customers contacted the vendor after seeing the live video. More than 75% of customers share the videos of the brand on social media platforms. Video marketing is a very interactive way these days.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to promote the brand of the company. It is the method in which the influencers represent a brand. They are paid and promote a product on TV, radio stations and social media platforms. Today, most of the companies choose sports players, celebrities and well- known personalities for promoting the brand. These personalities will represent the business and generate more leads too. It is an effective method of digital marketing.

  1. Social Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are used by several companies to market products and services. You can personally get in touch with customers through social messaging apps. You can frame a message describing your product and the specifications and send to the consumers directly. This method gives better results and people can contact you anytime and from any place. Furthermore, you can share the images, pictures, audios, and videos on these social messaging apps with the customers.

  1. Personalized Emails

This is a unique way to make your brand more popular in the local and global markets. You can create personalized content and send them to your customers via emails and messages. This method will also create a long term relationship between customers and companies. You can first study the behavior patterns of the targeted audience and then make the content based on the analysis. Many companies are using features such as artwork, carousels, and banner to gain the attention of customers.

  1. Visual Search

The last on the list is visual search. Google is the most popular search engine used by people these days. Through the method of visual search, you can upload the image of the product you want. There are certain search tools such as Google Lens and Cam. Find which will help in getting the products quickly. When you upload the images, these search tools will give you the sites from which you can buy similar items and products.


If you want to take your company at the next level in the year 2019, use some of the best digital marketing trends. These techniques have already been used in many large concerns. They generate more traffic and boost sales. In the coming years, more than 90% of companies will apply these techniques for the promotion of products and services.