The Main Dirtiest Parts of The Body- Crazy Things


Bathing twice a day keeps the body clean. While taking bath, we often rub more some parts of the body such as underarms, neck, anus and other private parts. To keep the diseases and infections at bay, it is very important to keep all the parts of the body clean. 


We think that our private parts are dirty but in reality, there are some parts which are dirtier than private parts. Let us discuss some of the dirtiest parts of the body which you never thought before any time.

  1. Head

Head is one of the dirtiest parts of the body as it comes in contact with dust and pollution for the whole day. The dust particles will further cause itching in the head. There are natural bacteria present in the head which are also responsible for itching and irritation. These bacteria will make the head dirty and untidy.

  1. Fingernails

We all know that fingernails become dirty quite often. In fact, the nails include in the list of dirtiest parts of the body. We do numerous activities in the day by which germs and dirt enter the nails. Bacteria come in contact with nails which further cause infection.

  1. Feet

Our feet are constantly exposed to bacteria for the whole day. We wear socks and shoes because of which moisture and bacteria spread. This will make the feet dirty and sometimes the feet also smell bad because of these bacteria. So, it is necessary to wash feet every time you return home from any place.

  1. Face

The next on the list is the face which comes on the list of dirtiest parts of the body. Germs can enter on the face from anywhere. The face is usually open throughout the day and dust particles accumulate on the face making it dirty. The impurities on the face further cause pimples, acne, and oily skin.

  1. Mouth

Though we brush our teeth twice a day, our mouth is still one of the dirtiest parts of the body. Over 600 various types of bacteria travel in the mouth which causes bad breath. We usually eat numerous times in a day which causes bacteria in the mouth. It is therefore important to keep the mouth clean by brushing twice a day and rinsing it after you eat anything.

  1. Armpits

Because of the presence of sweat glands, the armpits are usually dirtiest parts of the body. The skin under your arms also has some moisture due to which you may sweat every hour. This further gives dirty smell under your arms. There are many bacteria under the arms which make them dirty.

  1. Ears

The next on the list are ears. To clean ears is something very difficult thing. The earbuds may hurt the inner parts of the ears and so some part may always remain dirty. Even if you put the earbuds deep in the ears, the ear wax cannot come out. This makes ears one of the dirtiest parts of the body.

  1. Tongue

Whatever we eat can be seen on our tongue. Eating various foods will change the color of the tongue. Numerous bacteria will gather on the tongue making it dirty. So, it is necessary to clean the tongue regularly after eating as it will remove the bacteria and keeps your mouth fresh an clean.

  1. Eyes

Do you know even eyes are the dirtiest parts of the body? In the whole day, we travel to the office, gym and various other places for many purposes. Our eyes are continuously in touch with harmful chemicals, dust particles, and pollution. This will make the eyelashes very dirty and full of dirt. It is suggested to wash eyes with clean water every day to keep eye infection away.

  • Belly Button

The bellybutton is the part of the body which we ignore to clean most of the times. Every day while taking bath, we forget to clean the belly button. It is the place where dirt gets accumulated and if you do not clean it regularly, the dirt may become very hard. It gives bad smell on that part

  1. Anus

The anus comes in dirtiest parts of the body. It is because we wear skin fitting underwear and jeans which invite many bacteria and germs. These bacteria will cause sweating in the anus and will also give a bad smell. So to avoid any infection, you should clean the anus properly while taking bath and wear loose clothes.

  1. Nasal cavity

We breathe through the day which means many bacteria and germs enter our nasal cavity. When we get itching in the nose, the bacteria come in contact with the nasal cavity. You should keep your nasal cavity clean every day to avoid any type of infection such as a cold.

  • Back Bottoms 

We also neglect cleaning the back bottoms in a hurry while taking bath. But if the bottoms are not cleaned regularly, the germs and bacteria will enter from the stomach which may cause infection. You will also get some allergies on the back bottoms if you do not clean them daily. You should wear cotton panties and loose pants to avoid sweating and any kind of infection.

  • Colon

You might not know this but it’s true that colon also comes under the dirtiest parts of the body. The waste materials first get into the colon and then come out as excreta. There are numerous bacteria present in the colon which come from excreta.


A dirty body can invite numerous diseases and so, it is necessary to take bath twice a day by cleaning every part of the body. These are some of the dirtiest parts of the body which need special care and more cleaning.

The bacteria and germs are likely to come in contact with these body parts more. So, it is advisable to keep the infection away by regularly them with antiseptic solutions or soap.