Salaries of Highest-Paid Hollywood Stars Revealed


Success is the recipe of hard work and dedication. Hollywood is the world where none of the actors have got success easily. From small roles in a film to big roles, some of the Hollywood actors are now the highest earning celebrities. A decade before, the salaries of the Hollywood actors were not as high as today.

Surprisingly, the media recently revealed the salaries of highest paid Hollywood stars. Their hard work finally made a huge bank balance. All the salaries are in million dollars and pounds. Let us have a glance at some of the salaries of Hollywood stars.

Daniel Craig

  1. Daniel Craig

On the top of the list, it is English actor Daniel Craig. He acted in some of the best movies such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Layer Cake. His film Skyfall is the highest grossing movie in the UK. Daniel Craig is one of the best theatre artists too. He has won many awards for the category of best actor and also been nominated several times. He signed the movie Bond 29 for $25 million which is releasing in the year 2019.

  1. Dwayne Johnson

The next on the actor is one of the most popular and highest paid Hollywood stars. The winner of football national championship and the professional wrestler is also a talented actor.

He acted in some of the all-time hit movies such as The Scorpion King and The Fast and the Furious. Dwayne Johnson was the highest paid Hollywood actor in the world of the year 2016. His acting in the soon to be released movie Red Notice of the year 2020 fetched $22 million.

  1. Vin Diesel

The most favorite Hollywood actor of everyone, Vin Diesel is not only hot but also one of the highest paid Hollywood stars. He raised to fame from The Fast and the Furious movie series. As a director and producer, his films are Multi-Facial and Strays.

Vin Diesel was also the executive producer of XXX Xander Cage. He gave his voice in the video games such as Wheelman and The Chronicles of Riddick. He signed The Fate of the furious for $20 million.

  1. Anne Hathaway

One of the most gorgeous Hollywood actresses, Anna Hathaway is next on the list. She has won some of the greatest awards such as Golden Globe, Academy Award, and British Academy Film Award.

Anne Hathaway gained popularity with her role in the comedy movie The Devil Wears Prada. Being one of the highest paid Hollywood stars, she is also a good singer. Recently, Anna signed the film Barbie for $15 million which is releasing in the year 2020.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence

Another beautiful American actress and one of the highest paid Hollywood stars, of course, Jennifer Lawrence is at number 5. She was the highest paid actress of the years 2015 and 2016 in the entire industry.

Jennifer Lawrence

Started as a TV actress, Jennifer finally jumped into films. Some of her best movies are The Hunger Games, the Devil you know and others. Her exceptional performance in the movie Red Sparrow of the year 2018 fetched the salary of $15 million.

  1. Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen is a well-known actor and comedian. He started his career as a stand-up comedian. Later, he participated in sitcoms and then he came to the Hollywood industry. His first movie as an actor was Donnie Darko.

Seth Rogen was a co-writer for the films such as The Green Hornet and Pineapple Express. Apart from this, the actor also landed his voice in films such as Kung Fu Panda film series and Horton Hears a Who! His film Flarsky fetched him the salary of $15 million.

  1. Tom Cruise

The greatest Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise is next on the list of highest paid Hollywood stars. His first movie as an actor was Endless Love and later, he acted in many comedy and action movies.

Tom won the Golden Globe Award for the category of Best Actor in the movie Born on the Fourth of July. Then he acted in some of the hit films such as Interview with the Vampire and The Firm. The actor signed the movie The Mummy for $13 million.

  1. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is a popular actor, director, and producer. He got huge success from his roles in the Star Wars film series and Indiana Jones film series. Most of his movies are highest grossing ones at the US box office.

Some of his super hit movies areAir Force One, The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars and others. Harrison Ford in one of the highest paid Hollywood stars who recently signed Indiana Jones 5 for a salary of $11 million.

  1. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is a ravishing American actress as well as producer. She has acted in many TV series and sitcoms. Later, she also appeared in movies such as A Time to Kill and Hope Floats. She became all the more popular with the comedy movie Minions in the year 2015.

The actress received the title of “Most Beautiful Woman” from People magazine in the year 2015. Now, Sandra is one of the highest paid Hollywood stars gaining salary of $10 million for the movie Minions.

  1. Leonardo Dicaprio

The last on the list of highest paid Hollywood stars in the Titanic actor, Leonardo Dicaprio. The actor started his career with TV commercials. Later he acted in many TV series and soap operas.

His first film as an actor was Josh and then he appeared as a leading actor in movies such as Romeo+Juliet and The Basketball Diaries. His movie Titanic was the highest grossing movie. Leonardo signed the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for $10 million.

These are the current highest paid Hollywood stars. They set an example that even a common man can become a billionaire with his skill, talent, and hard work. These actors are an inspiration not only for the present but also for the coming generation in the Hollywood industry.