Michelle Williams Gets Married to Phil Elverum


Marriages of the celebrities are one of the most interesting news for media these days. After the engagement of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, a new couple married recently in a private ceremony. They are Michelle Williams, ex-wife of actor Heath Ledger and Phil Elevrum, American songwriter.

Michelle Williams Married to Phil Elverum
Michelle Williams Married to Phil Elverum

Heath Ledger was a famous Hollywood actor and director who died in the year 2008. Heath and Michelle dated for many years and the couple welcomed a daughter named Matilda before the death of Heath.

Kim speaks to the media

Since the year 2008, Michelle Williams raised her daughter alone and now, Matilda is 12 years old. Kim, Heath Ledger’s father expressed his happiness in the media for Michelle Williams Married to Phil Elverum.

Michelle Williams announced her marriage to Phil last week in the media. Hearing this big news, Kim, Heath Ledger’s father and shared his happiness and told that he will meet Phil soon.

Phil Elverum lost his first wife before some time who was suffering from pancreatic cancer. The couple welcomed a daughter, Agathe who is 3 years old now.

Sharing his joy for the couple’s private marriage, Kim also told that this relationship is more than just love. As the couple lost first partners, they can understand each other better.

How did they meet?

As per the reports, Michelle Williams and Phil Elverum met through a mutual friend and married in a private ceremony. The ceremony took place in Adirondacks, New York. There were few friends in the marriage and kids, Matilda and Agathe.

Last month, Phil shifted to Washington along with his daughter, Agathe to live with Michelle Williams and Matilda. Michelle never talked about her relationship with Heath Ledger earlier.

However, Michelle Williams finally revealed in the media that Phil is a good partner and he understands her ambitions and dreams well. Moreover, Phil offers her space and freedom to live life in her own way.

Kim did not make too many comments on the sudden marriage of the couple but just shared his happiness for Michelle. Discussing the work, Michelle revealed the humiliation which she faced while working in Hollywood films.

Michelle Williams Married to Phil Elverum
Michelle Williams Married to Phil Elverum
Years in Hollywood industry

Michelle Williams was Oscar nominee earlier but many hurdles came in her career. This was one of the major reasons why she chose to keep her life private from the media.

Michelle also shared in the media how she regularly talks with her daughter, Matilda about love and how her father supported Michelle in her career.

Phil married to Genevieve Castree before 13 years and she died in the year 2016 due to pancreatic cancer. Since then, Phil looks after her daughter, Agathe who is 3 years old.