Top 7 Healthiest Breakfasts You Must Have Daily


Food is the important thing for survival whether it is a human being or animal. Have you ever thought why does your mom pay stress on your breakfast habits? One of the most important reasons for having a healthy breakfast is that you will gain the energy for the whole day in the morning.

Now, there is a certain question as to what to include in the morning breakfast. There are some of the healthiest breakfasts which you can take in the morning. They are as under:

  1. Frittata 

You all love eggs certainly but sometimes it sounds pretty good to try egg variations in breakfast. Frittata is one of the healthiest breakfasts that you can have in the morning. It is similar to egg omelet which has many other delicious ingredients like cheese, meat, and seasonings.


Frittata can also be prepared by adding fried potato. It is prepared either with raw eggs or cooked eggs but then it depends what you like. It is a good choice for morning breakfast as eggs are a rich source of stamina for your body.

Enjoy frittata with hot tea and coffee and see how great the day is! You can also eat frittata by adding some vegetables to it.

  1. Cereal

Cereal is another healthy item recommended for the development of the body. They provide minerals, fats, oils, vitamins, and carbohydrates. You can have Kellogg’s with milk which is one of the healthiest breakfasts for the busy day. A bowl of cereals with hot or cold milk supplies stamina for the whole day.

You can also go for cereal bread, biscuits or cookies in the morning. There are different options which you can try to enjoy cereals with. You can them with fresh fruits or making porridge of cereals.

Taking cereals each day in the breakfast will make your digestive system stronger and healthier. Further, they cleanse the bowels removing the toxins from the body entirely.

  1. Fresh fruits 

There is nothing like fresh fruits. Fruits are a rich source of minerals, vitamins, and water to the body which keeps you active and energetic. An apple a day keeps a doctor away is very true saying. You can have fruits like apple, bananas, grapes which are tasty and give enough strength to your body.

Drink a glass of milk with some fruits and you will have one of the healthiest breakfasts then. Fresh fruits are the most common items in the breakfast of every house. If not raw fruits, you can even squeeze the juice out of them which will be more beneficial for the body. And, you can even add them to some desserts or salad for a healthy version.

  1. Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast

Rich in proteins and vitamins, this cuisine will be one of the healthiest breakfasts and tastiest as well. You can add some fresh fruits such as bananas, strawberries, and raspberries in this dish for adding the taste to it.

This breakfast will fill your stomach and you will get stamina too for running in the office, school or college. You can add dark chocolate to this dish. Regular taking this dish will give you a strong and healthy heart.

It is also beneficial for your skin and hair as dark chocolates help in brightening the skin. Moreover, it aids in the growth of hair. You can also pour some syrups or toppings in this breakfast for making it healthier.

  1. Avocado toast

The next on the list is the wholesome avocado toast which is a great combo for health. This is one of the healthiest breakfasts having omega-3s, fiber and proteins. It is a good snack for remaining fresh whole day. This snack is also rich in vitamin E and potassium which are essential for the development of the body.

Avocado Toast

Moreover, avocado toast also reduces the cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. It does not a high amount of fat which is also good for gaining a slim and trim figure. You can also carry this toast in a Tupperware container for lunch in the office. Avocado toast with eggs is another healthy version which you can try along with tea, milk or coffee.

  1. Greek yogurt

Yogurt is healthy as well as tasty food item which you can include in your breakfast or meals. Yogurt comes in various flavors which you can have with cereals, eggs or smoothies.

It is one of the best and healthiest breakfasts having a higher amount of calcium and proteins. It will make your bones and muscles stronger and healthier. Apart from that, you can add some flavored yogurt in the scrambled eggs. Additionally, it also improves the immunity system. When you take yogurt in the breakfast every day, your digestive system will improve within some weeks.

Cereals with yogurt are a good choice for a morning breakfast which will give you a full feeling. If you want a slim figure, take yogurt every day in the meals.

  1. Oatmeal 

Oats are the healthiest breakfasts for your body. Many of you may not like oats for sure but you can eat various oat recipes. Oats can be eaten with butter or syrup of different flavors like chocolate or maple to make it tasty.

You can also go for oat cookies and biscuits. Oatmeal is good for your heart and controls diseases like diabetes and cholesterol. Oatcakes also serve the purpose well. You can even make porridge by cooking oats with hot water. If you want some vegetables in oatmeal, you can add zucchini. Toasted walnuts will also taste good along with oatmeal.

So, these were some of the most nutritious and healthiest breakfasts for the active day. You can make various changes to these food items by adding your favorite fruits, toppings or seasonings. They are also good for bones, muscles, heart, and overall physical development. Moreover, they supply enough amount of energy to the body to take any tasks or challenges throughout the day. These breakfasts are not only healthy but also delicious.